Alec Waterman and Jye Caldwell during the AFL match between Essendon and Adelaide, Round 4, 2022 (Photo by Cameron Grimes / Zero Digital Media

Delisted Essendon forward Alec Waterman is set to return to West Coast as an addition to their WAFL list for 2023.

Waterman was cut from the Bombers after 22 games in two seasons in the red and black, having joined the Dons as a Supplemental Selection Period signing in 2021.

His stint with Essendon came five years after departing West Coast, where he failed to play a match at AFL level after joining the Eagles as a father-son selection in 2014.

Following three seasons with the Eagles, Waterman would be delisted and eventually return to the WAFL with East Perth and Claremont, thriving for the latter to see his name back on the radar of AFL clubs.

The 26-year-old is now heading back to his home state of Western Australia, with the medium-sized forward joining West Coast's reserves from next year, joining recently delisted Eagles defender Jackson Nelson.

West Coast senior coach Adam Simpson confirmed the addition of Waterman this week, with the mature-aged recruit set to ease the club's depths after a difficult 2022 campaign due to COVID and injury issues.

"He was on our list a few years ago, so we know the person," Simpson said.

Alec Waterman during the AFL match between Essendon and Adelaide, Round 4, 2022 (Photo by Cameron Grimes / Zero Digital Media

"A part of what happened last year at senior level really affected our WAFL Eagles. Some of the rules and regulations around recruiting just shifted slightly and it allowed us to get a couple of guys to help us be competitive.

"If you've got a healthy (AFL) list you're gonna be okay at WAFL Eagles for us. Last year I think we averaged three or four players per game and it was a real challenge.

"So getting someone like Alec (will be helpful). 'Jacko' Nelson has come in and will probably captain our WAFL Eagles side I would've thought.

"Hopefully (they) bolster some maturity in that group."

Waterman booted 26 goals from 10 games in his most recent season in the WAFL in 2020 before joining the Bombers.

West Coast's WAFL side finished last on the ladder in 2022, recording just one win in their 18 matches.