Dane Swan

Former West Coast Eagle Scott Cummings and Collingwood premiership player Dane Swan have responded to critics accusing them of enabling sexual harassment against women.

The pair’s Humpday podcast, produced by Ralph Horowitz and followed by over three thousand accounts on Twitter, gained traction and notoriety Tuesday morning following a segment involving the pair searching their names on Urban Dictionary preceded by the word “dirty”.

Swan was heard replying “That’s not too bad” when the description of a ‘Dirty Ralph’ was read as “when you try and sneak up behind a girl who is on all fours throwing up.”

It was once they read the ‘Dirty Dane’ out on air that trouble ensued among listeners, however, defined by Urban Dictionary as the process of ejaculation onto a sleeping woman’s face, resulting in laughter from the presenters.

Cummings was the first to respond to allegations labelling both the hosts and the show itself as, among other things, “misogynistic and uneducated” before the decision was quickly made to end production of the podcast.

An irate Swan also took to Twitter later in the morning with a series of tweets decrying the “germs” who removed context from their comments.

Swan’s rant would continue, urging those who took offence to the podcast comments to “get a grip”.

And eventually, the official account of the show decided to chime in as well, mirroring much of the statement that producer Horowitz’s Twitter has been echoing through the entirety of the day.

But although Humpday reached an abrupt conclusion in the wake of the controversial remarks, many of their followers and listeners have been quick to defend both the joke and the nature of the show itself, arguing that political correctness has claimed another unnecessary victim.

In the short-term, they lose entertainment. Their reward? Potentially forthcoming…