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It's always nice to come to the end of the week, and look back on funny, heartwarming and interesting things that have happened in the AFL community that week.

Here are some of the best stories of this week, that we feel will brighten up your day and garner a few laughs.

Walla's retirement 

The AFL community was met with the sad news of Essendon's Anothony McDonald-Tipungwuti announcing his retirement from AFL.

This week, 'Walla' released a formal announcement explaining that "the club and my teammates have been extremely supportive throughout my whole career, but I feel really happy to be moving on to the next chapter of my life now. I’m ready for life beyond football".

Understandably, the Essendon community, and the AFL in general, were devastated at the news but wished McDonald-Tipungwuti all the best.

He was met with an outpour of love amongst his announcement, with Twitter filled with posts for Walla.

ScoMo's tackle 😂

This week, whilst visiting Tasmania, Scott Morrison was engaging in a friendly game of soccer with a local group of school kids. All seemed well and good until the Prime Minister clumsily tackled a young boy.

Whilst the kid took the tackle like a champion and no harm was caused, social media couldn't get enough of it.

And the memes followed.


Carlton superfan gets Fev tat

Damon Mule, an avid Carlton Football Club supporter, has had a new tattoo done on his lower left calf. Well, the tattoo, which looks like a QR Code, actually is!

When the tattoo is scanned, it takes one to a YouTube video of Brendan Fevola's "Fev's Clinic".

Mule, who is a superfan of both Carlton and Fevola, made it to the news with his outrageous tattoo and blew up on Twitter when he posted the video.


The AFL world reacts to the official Grand Final time verdict...

And it's in... the AFL have officially announced the Grand Final playing time, after it being hotly debated throughout social media. The league announced that the game will be played at its traditional time of 2:30pm.

Before the announcement, word had gotten around that the AFL was potentially changing the original game time of 2:30pm to a later slot, such as 4:30 pm which - infuriated fans.

Well turns out everything is fine, as the Grand Final is set to start at its original time and social media erupted in happiness for the decision.


Indigenous round 

This weekend is set to kick-off the Sir Doug Nicholls Round, which will occur for the next two weeks. The round garners a lot of attention and provides a place for representation for the First Nations people, as well as past and present First Nation players.

It is always an exciting time of the year, and a time to reflect as well.

Here is how the AFL community is feeling ahead of this year's Indigenous round.

We love to see all the clubs embracing the Indigenous round and their fans.