Ed Carmine

    Breakdowns, belief and Brownlow statements: AFL Winners and Losers – Round 2

    The lights went out, the young stars shone and a pair of old friends enjoyed contrasting weekends.

    The fadeout and future of Melbourne’s frailest line

    Vulnerabilities sent Simon Goodwin's side out in straight sets last year. So what has changed in his forward line over the summer?

    Locally sourced: The tried and true recipe serving Crows of today

    Now into its fourth year, Matthew Nicks' recipe for a rebuild has a distinctly familiar flavour.

    No stranger: Why ‘Trent Coleman’ already fits Tigers’ forward mould

    Trent Cotchin won't reinvent the wheel as a forward. But he will replace a key cog.

    Gold Coast Suns chairman Tony Cochrane to stand down

    The straight from the shoulder chief will vacate the role after seven seasons of service.

    Win or lose, North’s truly representative pillars are now in place

    North Melbourne has always been a unique club. With a new crew at the helm, its distinctive past, present and future are in good hands.

    Over the rainbow? Why Saints should be cautious of cause game cull

    There's no denying St Kilda requires a change of course, but what message does it send if the Saints turn their back on important causes?

    Star Saint Kate Shierlaw linked with Roos reunion

    A move to Arden Street would see the best and fairest winner join a familiar face.

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