Michael Gallus is a former part-time AFL recruiter who was tasked with the job of spending three weeks in Pakistan recruiting players for the 2022 AFL Asian Championship.

His side consisted entirely of Pakistani players, while other sides were assisted by some former AFL and current WAFL players. This however, would not stop an inspired Pakistan side from an astonishing triumph in the division three grand final.

Gallus is currently a school teacher at Noonkanbah in Central Kimberley, and does indeed have experience in AFL training with Pakistani players, coaching Pakistan's women's side at a 2017 tournament in Australia.

Speaking to the ABC, Gallus reflected on his methods of Aussie Rules coaching

"We did a training camp with the top 25 that I selected and I didn't have time to teach them how to kick technically correctly, but we derived a style where we just kicked it forward," Gallus said.

Despite the unorthodox training formula, Gallus' side nonetheless found themselves on the verge of history after a one-point semi-final victory over Cambodia, securing a spot in the grand final.

In the big dance, Pakistan trailed by 22 points at half time and looked destined for second place against a Laos side with two WAFL players.

Shockingly, the Pakistani's managed to string together seven goals in 10 minutes of action during the second half, and claimed an astounding championship victory.

The win has increased Aussie Rules attention in Pakistan and could influence more footy to be played in the sub-continent.

Pakistan will be moved up to division two for next years tournament.