The AFL's Head of Officiating Stephen McBurney has had a busy Sunday.

Following three separate incidents throughout Saturday's games that altered the course of the outcome, McBurney has provided some insight to clear the air.

The free-kick paid against Gold Coast defender Mac Andrew on St Kilda forward Max King.

The Elliot Yeo holding the ball.

And the downfield free-kick to Hawthorn after captain James Sicily received a bump from Tom Green.

King kicked the winning goal. Simpkin converted the free-kick against Yeo to put the Kangaroos in front with two minutes remaining. Luke Breust also kicked the winning goal from the downfield free-kick.

All three received criticism. All three required explanations.

McBurney admitted that the Sicily and Yeo calls were accurate in hindsight but conceded that Andrew shouldn't have been penalised.

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"(The umpire) assessed that Andrew put both arms around Max King and paid holding the man. We think looking at the full context and with the benefit of all the angles we had, we think the better call in that situation was no call," McBurney said according to AFL Media.

"We don't think there was enough to constitute holding and we think there was significant contact both ways as they were grappling and running for position.

"So we think the better call in that situation is no call, don't blow the whistle and let the play unfold with a kick from the centre.

"We totally understand why he's paid it because he has seen arms around ... we just don't see, with the benefit of all the angles we get, that it was the right outcome for the amount of contact occurring between both players."

McBurney also enlightened footy fans on the Yeo call, gifting North Melbourne co-captain Jy Simpkin a shot 40m directly in front of goal.

The umpire boss said that the Eagles midfielder must've done a better job at disposing of the ball or be at the mercy of the whistle.

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"The rules require that if you dive on the ball or drag it back in that you must knock it clear immediately," McBurney said.

"He doesn't do that, the tackle is effective so we say holding the ball is the correct outcome."

McBurney also added that Green's hit on Sicily was "late and forceful", constituting a downfield free kick that has "been fairly consistent on that all year."

However, it was acknowledged that Breust shouldn't have had the shot at goal given he wasn't the closest player to where the ball went out of play.

Fellow forward Mabior Chol was the receiver of the free-kick.