GWS forward Brent Daniels will be in a nervous wait ahead of the AFL Match Review Officer's findings from Saturday's action after a high hit on Sydney's Jake Lloyd.

The fourth-quarter incident came in the Giants' forward 50, with Lloyd looking to take possession as the ball was in dispute in the air. With Daniels approaching the contest and Lloyd parked under the ball after being unable to take possession, the Giants forward braced for contact before colliding with his opponent.

After moving into a 'bumping' action, Daniels crashed into Lloyd, who was lowered because of the fumble, and made significant contact with the unsuspecting Swans defender's head.

Lloyd was floored as a result of the hit, with Daniels placed on report by the officiating umpire.

After Lloyd came from the field, Sydney's medical side worked through a head injury assessment before clearing the Swans veteran to return to play.

Daniels' case for the MRO could sway in his favour with no concussion diagnosed.

Speaking after the loss, GWS coach Adam Kingsley said he hadn't viewed the incident but was told Lloyd "slipped" before the collision.

"I haven't seen it to be far, so I'm relying on what I've been told and it was that Lloyd slipped," Kingsley said.

"That's why the contact was high. I don't know how severe it is or what it looked like."

A potential outcome for the Daniels-Lloyd incident could see the former come away with a fine from the MRO for rough conduct, with a grading of careless conduct, low impact and high contact potentially being handed down if Daniels' actions are to be seen as a reportable offence.

An increased impact grading of medium would see Daniels slapped with a one-game suspension.

GWS are scheduled to face Port Adelaide in South Australia next Sunday as Kingsley's side looks to hold onto their top eight spot.