AFL umpires coach Hayden Kennedy has admitted that several big blunders were made during Friday night’s Richmond-Carlton match.

Kennedy admitted that the umpires were slightly too quick to blow their whistle for a free kick at times.

“There were a couple of marks where we went too early,” Kennedy told

“But once again, I’ll reiterate whatever the guys see, if they think it’s a free kick, they’ll just blow the whistle.”

There were also several incorrect marks paid on the night, such Matthew Kreuzer’s controversial non-mark and Tyrone Vickery’s fumbled attempt that was paid a mark.

“Matty takes a clean grab of it first, he controls it,” Kennedy said.

“Nick brings the ball down with him but I think from the vision on the night, it needed to be a paid mark to Matthew Kreuzer.

“In two hours of footy, we make incorrect decisions at times, and this is just one of them. It seems as though our umpire was in pretty good position but just read it wrong.”

Kennedy also said that he was happy with the overall standard of umpiring across the weekend, despite the high differential in free kick numbers paid in different games. There were only 17 free kicks awarded during Thursday’s Port Adelaide-Collingwood match, while there were 57 free kicks awarded on Friday night at the MCG.

“There was a lot of chatter this week in the difference in the numbers. But if you have a look at those 57 free kicks (during the Richmond-Carlton game), there’s not many of them that are actually incorrect.”