Name: Izak Rankine
Position: Half Forward/Inside Midfielder
Club: West Adelaide/South Australia
D.O.B: 23/4/00
Height: 180cm
Weight: 76kg
Draft Range: 1-5

Summary: A skilled and speedy forward packed with star power.


  • Damaging combination of skills and pace
  • Star factor
  • Dangerous up forward and in the midfield
  • High impact per possession
  • Wins contested ball
  • Acceleration, skills under pressure, ball pickups under speed and agility all elite


  • Height
  • Endurance
  • Sometimes tries to do too much
  • Discipline


Izak Rankine's foot speed, creative ability, goal sense and precise foot skills mark him as potentially the most exciting prospect of this year's draft. He is a likely top 5 pick and should go as high as No.3, with the young South Australian forward drawing comparisons to the likes of Andrew McLeod and Cyril Rioli.

Rankine is quick and plays the game in 360 degrees, weaving around opposition as if they were traffic cones and nailing impossible goals with consistency. A five-goal bag against Vic Metro for South Australia in this year's Under 18 Championship highlighted his game-changing potential, with some suggesting he will be in pick No. 1 contention.

Rankine's consistency has been questioned, as has his ability to maintain his temper during matches. He was suspended for striking earlier this year and has a history of giving away costly free kicks. In spite of this he was named All-Australian for the second time this year and will likely be highly sought after in this year's draft.

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