Essendon will soon find out the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s ruling on the club’s doping saga.

The CAS last month announced that its decision would be handed down anytime from Monday, January 11.

Coach John Worsfold said that the players are looking forward to getting closure, but are also anxious about the findings.

“The club’s got things in place. We’ve got people around the club that have constantly kept the players informed and talked to them and will be on hand next week as well,” he said.

“(The mood) is a combination of (anxiousness and relief that it is almost over). What we’ve talked a lot about is that they (the players) have no control over it. Let’s focus on what we can control and be positive about that. But that doesn’t take away any anxiety that they may feel.

“Hopefully next week we’ll have a finalisation to everything.

“All that’s totally out of our control – certainly out of my control – so everything for me is business as usual and then the club has contingencies in plan around any decision that’s handed down.”


  1. Fact. 11 other clubs that same year used high Performance based supplements without proper paperwork or medical supervision.
    Essendon were guilty of not having paperwork and the way it was given, so hows that cheating. Pretty hypercriticle.

    • Never said that giving injections in any for was ok, what l said is there not the only ones that did it, as for illegal drugs, only time will tell but just because you want it to be true, it doesn’t meen it is.

    • They were taken off site and injected without the club doctors approval then they disposed of the evidence and were found not guilty due to lack of evidence by a Micky mouse tribunal made up of ex players… Please take your essendon hat off and be subjective. Lance Armstrong never tested positive but the truth eventually came out. Same will happen here and let’s hope it’s soon so all parties can move on

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