With the league's Mid-Season Draft set to take place on Wednesday this week, a portion of the 602-players that nominated their services are set to have their lives change forever.

For the budding youngsters that missed out on selection at last year's national talent market, it will offer them a chance to make their dreams come true - albeit a tad later than some of their peers.

For the wily veterans that have thrown their hats back into the ring, it will mean one last chance to lace the boots and keep their flames shielded from the wind for at least another six-months.

Despite the fact that not every side will enter the draft with a pick available, we have run a fine toothed comb through all 18-lists, and have made recommendations of talent for fans of every creed and clubs of every colour.

Here are the players every club should be considering on Wednesday night.


Western Bulldogs

Number of selections available – Zero
Draft position – 17th*

As another side without a current pick, a call will need to be made on Laitham Vandermeer before the close of business on Tuesday.

With the rights to him as a current NGA prospect, the Dogs will be pretty keen to keep their paws on Cody Raak, but if they feel Vandermeer can play a part for them in September, they appear unlikely to be calling any new names to the kennel this week.