Richmond utility Noah Balta caught the public eye on Monday morning after putting coach Damien Hardwick on his backside in a pre-season training session.

The three-time premiership coach was burdened with tackle-bag duties during a warm-up drill and mistakingly attempted to knock down the big man as he gathered the footy.

He was quickly reminded of how long he's been out of the game as Balta proceeded to pulverise the 50-year-old into oblivion.

The video released by the club shows Dimma leaving his feet upon impact and hitting the deck as other players and coaches celebrate.

Balta in particular showcased his pride by flexing and taunting over the emotionally wounded coach before lending a helping hand.

Despite his reputation as a tough guy in his playing days, Hardwick underestimated the 20kg advantage of his young swingman and suffered the consequences as a result.

Dimma will be hoping for similar physicality from his side come March 16 when they face Carlton in Round 1.