UPDATE: The AFL has released a statement on the security guard who decided to take the bizarre step of intervening in a melee between Gold Coast and Brisbane yesterday afternoon.

Gold Coast players remonstrated with Lions’ defender Jack Frost following a sling tackle on Brandon Matera, which started a short push and shove.

A security guard who was standing on the boundary, then opted to try to pull Suns player Jarrad Grant out of the scuffle in an attempt to pull the players apart.

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The League issued a statement on Monday confirming the security guard was out of line.

“A staff member was immediately spoken to post game and that has been re-stressed with all staff,” AFL spokesman Patrick Keane said.

“We got an explanation from him that the group was close and he just responded.

“From our point of view it was not what we want to see and should not be happening again.

“What happens on the field is for the umpires to deal (with).

“It’s part of the pre-match briefing at each match we do. That’s standard practice for us.

“In this case it happened, it should not have happened and it was immediately addressed post-match.”

Watch the incident below:

Grant’s teammate, Trent McKenzie saw the funny side of the incident, publishing the following tweet from his twitter account.