Let's face it, nobody goes to the football to watch a well-time spoil or teams chipping around in the back half.

No, it's the game's spearheads that have always had the turnstiles ticking, with names like Lockett, Dunstall, Ablett, Modra, Lloyd and Carey sending crowds into raptures.

In recent times, the ilk of Franklin, Roughead, Hawkins, Curnow and a pair of Riewoldts have taken the baton and run, each making a name for splitting the big sticks on a regular basis.

But while Curnow took home his second Coleman after booting 78 goals during the home and away season, the big Blue's conversation rate did not lead the league.

In fact, the 26-year-old is converting at a career rate of 63 per cent entering the finals, a figure south of the league's sharpest shooters.

In reverse order, here are the eight most accurate goalkickers currently plying their trade in the AFL.

DISCLAIMER: Only players who had taken 50 or more shots in official AFL games were considered. 

3. Cody Weightman

Career scores - 99.42
Accuracy - 70.21%

Quite easily the shortest player on this list, Weightman has proven across the course of his career that he can punch above his, well, weight.

Though yet to breach the 100-goal mark, Weightman hasn't been wasteful during his 59 games at the Kennel, bagging 1.68 goals per appearance at a rate greater than 70 per cent.