Gold Coast
9.3 (57)
12.18 (90)
Metricon Stadium


It’s been another week of speculation for Gold Coast, with Gary Ablett once again being in the headlines. He is expected to miss this game, further lowering their already slim chances of taking the four points.

Joe Daniher is still a huge chance to win the Coleman Medal, trailing Josh Kennedy by just a goal. Look out for what he dishes up in a bid to be the number one goal-kicker for season 2017.

The Suns will be up against and the Bombers should claim the win. They have to win or else their hopes of playing post-season football will fall flat.

Tip: Bombers by 19

Team Line-Ups

IN Jack Leslie, Pearce Hanley, Brayden Fiorini, Keegan Brooksby, Jesse Lonergan, Mitch Hallahan
OUTJarryd Lyons, Jack Bowes, Alex Sexton, Jack Scrimshaw, Sean Lemmens, Daniel Currie
IN Mark Baguley, Michael Hartley, Zach Merrett, Craig Bird, T. Bellchambers, Joshua Begley
OUTTravis Colyer, M. Leuenberger, Ben Howlett, Michael Hurley, Jobe Watson, Matt Dea
FB 5 Jarrod Harbrow 17 Steven May 43 Max Spencer
FF 33 Jayden Laverde 6 Joe Daniher 17 James Stewart
HB 38 Jesse Joyce 21 Jack Leslie 42 Adam Saad
HF 43 A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 26 Cale Hooker 8 Martin Gleeson
C 1 Pearce Hanley 33 Aaron Hall 3 Matt Rosa
C 7 Zach Merrett 24 Craig Bird 15 Josh Green
HF 8 Brayden Fiorini 4 Jack Martin 13 Callum AhChee
HB 9 Brendon Goddard 29 Patrick Ambrose 45 Conor McKenna
FF 44 D. MacPherson 30 Peter Wright 9 Ben Ainsworth
FB 12 Mark Baguley 36 Michael Hartley 23 David Myers

Team Stats

346 Disposals 418
121 Contested Possessions 147
202 Kicks 243
144 Handballs 175
20 Free Kicks 18
29 Clearances 36
9 Centre Clearances 12
20 Stoppages 24
30 Inside 50 71
95 Marks 127
6 Marks in 50 16
10 Contested Marks 15
52 Tackles 67
27 Hit-Outs 38

Player Stats

Gold Coast Suns

Aaron Hall1714318123
Adam Saad549133
Ben Ainsworth73106213
Brayden Fiorini1081863
Callum AhChee9514413
Darcy MacPherson235231
David Swallow1372032411
Jack Leslie661241
Jack Martin17118731111
Jarrod Harbrow751233
Jesse Joyce7916521
Jesse Lonergan2101213
Joshua Schoenfeld33621
Keegan Brooksby6612219314
Matt Rosa912215222
Max Spencer74113111
Mitch Hallahan13102351141
Pearce Hanley15823516
Peter Wright538581
Steven May1510258131
Touk Miller61016124
Trent McKenzie21324913

Essendon Bombers

Andrew McGrath1312256112
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti87155141
Brendon Goddard1312251412
Cale Hooker8111992222
Conor McKenna771431
Craig Bird12112324
Darcy Parish81321421
David Myers11617651
David Zaharakis23153854
Dyson Heppell159248241
James Kelly111122945
James Stewart639511121
Jayden Laverde1061651163
Joe Daniher6410431211
Josh Green9312121412
Joshua Begley1031372221
Mark Baguley141125911
Martin Gleeson124166314
Michael Hartley126186214
Patrick Ambrose7613413
Tom Bellchambers164206341122
Zach Merrett121123345


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Gold Coast
3.1 (19) 6.1 (37) 8.1 (49) 9.3 (57)
4.2 (26) 6.8 (44) 8.11 (59) 12.18 (90)