The Footy Show’s Sam Newman caused controversy last night with his view on Adam Goodes and multicultural round.

Newman firstly took aim at people who disagreed with his comments on Sydney star Adam Goodes, before he questioned the need for AFL rounds to be held in honour of certain groups in society.

“I notice this week Geelong is going to run out between a mutual banner with the Swans,” Newman said.

“Why don’t they let the Swans get the first couple of goals just so they feel good about themselves and see if they can give them a lift up and maybe just stop the Cats from getting in the finals?”

“So then we get to St Kilda who are thinking of having a gay pride game.

“Now I know you are going to say this is nothing to do with homophobia. This is just using the competition again as some political agenda.

“Why don’t we have a boat people day next week or what about we have a transgender round and we will get Caitlin Jenner to sing at the grand final?

“I am a white, Anglo Saxon, male, Protestant, heterosexual and I am waiting for my day to come, and when it does I will be first in line to say show stupid is this?

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“Couldn’t we just leave the game to try and get hold of itself and I would suggest St Kilda and Geelong and the Swans worry about a game plan that might get them into the finals without worrying about every other political cause on earth.”

Newman ended by saying that people who claim that the booing of Adam Goodes is racism, are just “dribblers who just want to get noticed”.

Was Sam out of line or are his thoughts spot on?


  1. Not often I agree with Sam’s comments but he is spot on here ………. let’s play footy and leave the politics to those fat cats in Canberra

  2. As controversial as it may sound, i agree with Sam on this one. There is no room for racism during a booing situation.

  3. Totally agree with Sam, how much longer must we everyday punters be the bunnies for the Politically correct tools. Stop looking for “poor-bugger-me” crap, and play the bloody gane!

  4. ist time I agree with Sam, but good on you, let’s plat footy , & forget the bullshit politically correct crisp, black, white, yellow pink or blue what ever religion or shit, let’s build a bridge & get over it, play footy

  5. Sam was right .what he is saying is the truth .iam not racist .i just don’t like Adam Goodes ..and I must say I don’t like a few other players that are white

  6. Hes just saying what a lot of people are thinking but are afraid to say it good on ya sam at least youve got the balls to say it

  7. Good on you Sam !

    Adam Goodes do us all a BIG favor and just retire so we have to see and hear about you anymore Because we the people DON’T GIVE A RATS ABOUT YOU !

  8. Thank you Sam for speaking out for the Silent and dumbfounded majority, who have been bullied by the media PC bandwagon into not expressing any anti PC opinions. I for one really hopes that the AFL listens…..

  9. Maybe Adam Goodes should realize when it is acceptable to withdraw from playing a game for his club after Poor NicNat’s distressing tragedy.

  10. There are only 23 rounds in the season, they will have to extend it soon to fit in all the special rounds. Cant use the finals because not all the teams are in them….and we cant have that !!

  11. just echoing the thoughts of the majority I think , good on you Sam ,lets get on with the footy and hopefully those attention seekers at the AFL and the media can get of the this bullshit bandwagon there on and start promoting this great game we all love , GOODES LUCK GEELONG , kick there arse !!!

  12. Sam could not have said it better my self. Leave the politics where it belongs….

    Get on with the game we love!

  13. Some of my favourite players are Indigenous , I have heard them being booed at times , but is there any carry on about it NO . Black , white or brindle they all get their fare share of booing but there is never any spoilt brat childish pack my toys up and go home about it . With the AFL allowing a war dance to celebrate a goal is beyond the point of ridiculous , next thing we will be at a corroboree once they all get on board and AFL will be a thing of the past .

  14. There’s nothing wrong with booing at AFL or NRL games but when the individual who has been constantly targeted by people in the media who only choose to use cherry picked quotes to incite a response in people are the worst type of Australian you can get, the ignorance of the idiotic racists who hide behind the “politically correctness” banner who whinge, complain and blame everyone else need to toughen up not Goodes, as for Sam Newman nothing needs to be said point is proven

  15. At school one of my teachers was umpire G. MARCY from the 80’s.I remember him and other umpires then got booed and verbally abused almost every week. Never did I see Marcy take a day off work or show any effect from this booing. What is this game coming to. Probably why I haven’t been to an AFL game in 3 years

  16. On the mark Sam.
    The only thing coming out of this for us is the intro to the Aussie language book and additional meaning of sook.

    “ya doing a goodesy”

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