PERTH, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 19: Ben Cousins of the Eagles poses with the 2005 Brownlow Medal after being announced as the winner during the West Coast Eagles Brownlow Medal Dinner at the Burswood Casino September 19, 2005 in Perth, Australia.(Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Former West Coast star Ben Cousins tried to sell his 2005 Brownlow Medal to pay for his ice addiction, according to a report by the Herald Sun.

Friends have told the Herald Sun that Cousins tried to retrieve his medal, but his father, Bryan, refused to give it to him.

“He tried to sell his Brownlow … but he doesn’t even have it. His dad has the Brownlow in safekeeping,” a friend told the Herald Sun. 

“He said he needed it to guarantee a bank loan, but why would he need a bank loan? He doesn’t have any property, he doesn’t have a business.”

The troubled former Eagle was arrested on Tuesday with possession of 13 grams of meth after reportedly threatening to bury Maylea Tinecheff, the mother of his children, while holding a screwdriver.

The 40-year year old faced court yesterday after being charged with possession of a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply, along with other offences and was taken into custody. He was later denied bail after his application was rejected.

Cousins was released from prison in January this year and as per his parole conditions had been working at West Coast in a part-time role.

“The little green man came just two days after he finished his parole,” a friend told the Herald Sun.

“He rang me a couple of weeks ago and he couldn’t even speak English.”

The friend added that Cousins was out of control while high and was failing his role as a father.

“He’s a nightmare. I feel sorry for his kids,” he said.

Other claims have been made that Cousins had sent threatening messages to other AFL stars seeking the return of his memorabilia.

While on parole, friends became so concerned about Cousins that they feared a call from the police saying he was dead.

“He was living with his parents but just disappearing for days on end,” a friend told the Herald Sun.

“Going back to jail for over a year would be the best place for him. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but it might happen.

“It’s been a decade of this.

“We agreed and we’ve decided to give him some tough love in the last few months,” the friend said.

“There’s two ways a drug addict can respond: they can get their life together or they can keep pissing in everyone’s faces who are trying to help them … We all know how this is going to end up.”

Bryan Cousins declined to speak to the Herald Sun on Wednesday.

“I can’t talk right now,” he said.