Collingwood president Eddie McGuire says the Magpies should be the first club in the AFL granted a licence for a women’s team.

The AFL announced on Friday that the inaugural year of the AFL women’s league in 2017 will most likely be an eight team competition.

McGuire says that Collingwood have the perfect set up to have a women’s team.

“We have to apply to the AFL, which seems to be quite ridiculous given the fact we have just built a $25-$30 million facility, which is dedicated to women, with state-of-the-art facilities, its own gymnasium, in magnificent surrounds,” McGuire said.

“We are set up better than any club to have a women’s team, and we will be pushing as hard as possible to have the first (team) in the competition when the new competition comes along.”

In 2016, there will be 10 exhibition women’s games that will involve teams representing Melbourne, Western Bulldogs, Fremantle, West Coast, GWS Giants, Sydney, Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australian All Stars.


  1. Generic post;

    You field 22 girls every week

    Anyway now that’s out of the way..

    Let the Bulldogs, Melbourne , north field them. Let the weaker teams strengthen their clubs. Simples

  2. Of course you do Eddie, your sense of entitlement to your club sometimes borders on ridiculous … Time you spent some money to build a bridge and got over your self importance

  3. Why does one club deserve it more then another? Eddie needs to get back into the real world, every club should be granted a licence at the same time, then it’s upto each club how they use it

  4. Who cares who’s ‘first’? Surely you need at least 2, or are they going to play against the Pies’ men’s team? That would be some contest – the first nil-all draw in footy history, perhaps?

  5. “Good old collingwood forever, do they know how to play the game.

    Tooth by tooth they stick together to uphold the magpies name.

    See the barrackers are shouting do they really know why. Cant spell premierships they spell cake-walk the good old collingwood.

  6. If thats the case eddie why haven’t we seen a collingwood womens team the first two teams should be the demons and bulldogs but because you are collingwood the afl will give it to you

  7. Nathan Brown ……….. Eddie trying to jump on the great work that Melbourne and Western Bulldogs have done…..and besides, he already has a bunch of “Girls” already playing….

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