Kane Cornes has come out and spoken about the time he was sledged by two-time Brownlow Medalist Chris Judd on the footy field.

On SEN in South Australia, Cornes' co-host Andrew Haynes was talking about when Cornes threw sledges during a game against the West Coast Eagles.

Cornes thought if he talked stats, it would get under the skin of the Eagles but it backfired.

“You were trying to get on the lip to Chad Fletcher and you were just throwing stats because you love stats," Haynes said.

“And you were saying things like, ‘Ohhh Chad, three weeks ago you only had four kicks and then last week you had 16 disposals but you’ve been averaging 24’, and you were going on with all this rubbish.

“Then Chad’s just turned to you and said, ‘Kane, get a hobby you nerd’. And this was in amongst a group of players in the heat of the battle on a footy field and everyone has just absolutely erupted.”

Cornes replied with, “It is somewhat true.

“To make it worse, the player was Chris Judd.

“I was throwing numbers at Juddy and he just said to me, ‘You are a nerd, get a hobby’.

“That one is true unfortunately for me, I’m embarrassed to say.”