Incoming Brisbane Lions trade recruit Brandon Ryan has shed light on his move to Queensland, having agreed to a move away from Hawthorn.

The trade saw the Lions receive Ryan, along with selections 39 and 54 at the upcoming National Draft, as well as Hawthorn's future fourth-round choice, in exchange for veteran forward Jack Gunston - who returned to Waverley - and picks 47 and 61, along with Brisbane's future second-rounder.

Following his selection by the Hawks as a Mid-Season Draftee in May, Ryan played three games in a Hawthorn guernsey before being utilised to facilitate the club's reunion with Gunston.

"It's been a whirlwind of a 48-hour period but it's super exciting, it all came pretty unexpected, but it's a great opportunity and I'm very excited about joining," Ryan told reporters.

Ryan explained his surprise at learning he could be traded so soon after joining the fray at Waverley.

"I was completely shocked, I thought I was the last person to even be, not necessarily on the table, but just asked [or] approached by another club [about] the possibility of being traded given I had only been in the system," Ryan continued.

"I mean, it's a six-month contract but I've only been there (at Hawthorn) essentially for four months. It was quite unexpected, but I just took it as an amazing opportunity and yeah, I sort of just kept rolling with it, and here we are.

"I was trying not to get too caught up in it all (the process of being traded), [my] manager was calling and then the clubs are talking to each other, passes to [my] manager, passes to me. It was a good learning experience, now I have a bit of an idea of how [the] trade period works, but it was quite frantic.

"I see it (the trade) as a win-win for me, I'm in an AFL system and that's what I wanted, that was my dream.

Asked if Mabior Chol's impending introduction at Hawthorn affected Ryan's decision-making regarding cementing a move, the youngster explained that he backs himself.

"Look, to be honest, [I'd] back myself in to succeed wherever I was," he said. "I think you've got to have that mentality going into an AFL side anywhere, otherwise you won't succeed, so I wasn't too concerned about the people they were bringing in.

"It's not just any club that [was] interested, it's a side that's going to be contending for many years to come ... 'Fages' and all the stuff he's done since [he arrived], he's definitely made [Brisbane] a destination club, so I'm excited.

Ryan also shed some light on where he sees himself playing in Fagan's Lions outfit.

"I probably play as more of a second [or] third tall (forward), I give a different look than what a traditional key forward does, I probably [don't] necessarily have to mark and things like that to score, I can get the ball on the ground, just different ways I find in my game that has led me to where I am today," Ryan said.

"So, I hope I can slot right in with (Eric) Hipwood and (Joe) Daniher, which wouldn't be too bad, two blokes to learn [from], we'll just have to wait and see.

"I'm very excited to be working in a forward line with the likes of Joe Daniher and (Charlie) Cameron and Hipwood, it's not too bad of a forward line of experience to work off."