2008 Brownlow Medalist Adam Cooney has revealed he never wanted to leave the Bulldogs, saying he was left with no choice but to leave.

Speaking on SEN's This is Your Sporting Life, Cooney said a falling out with then coach Brendan McCartney forced president Peter Gordon to choose between him or McCartney.

"I had a meeting with Gordon and laid it all out on the table about the young players, how the senior group were feeling and how I didn’t think (McCartney) was the right man for the job going forward."

Cooney indicated his situation was similar to then captain Ryan Griffen's, which also lead Griffen to leave the club for GWS.

"Ryan Griffen was in the same boat, he had a meeting with the board at that stage and explained everything that was happening at the football club.

"He heard back from the football club and they said that they’re going to back (Brendan McCartney) in to be the coach going forward."

Cooney said he was adamant about wanting to be a Bulldog for life.

"I didn’t want to leave, I played at the club for 11 years and I wanted to finish my career as a Western Bulldogs player.

"We didn’t want to leave, it was the situation and the circumstance that we tried our best."