24.16 (160)
Gold Coast
8.10 (58)
Spotless Stadium


The two expansion clubs in the league didn’t have a great start to season 2017. GWS got handed a reality check from the Crows, while Gold Coast went down against a Brisbane side they probably should have beaten.

Rodney Eade is one of the coaches in the firing line this year, and after dropping their first game, the heat will be turned up. For Leon Cameron, there have been some calls made by media personnel that suggest he isn’t the man to lead GWS.

The Giants should bounce back from last week, and make the Suns’ life a whole lot harder. Depth across the ground, coupled with needing to prove a point, should drive GWS to a high-level performance.

Tip: GWS by 54

Team Line-Ups

IN Jacob Hopper, Nathan Wilson, Sam Reid
OUTJonathon Patton, Tendai M'Zungu, Matthew Kennedy
IN Jack Leslie, David Swallow
OUTJ. Schoenfeld, Pearce Hanley
FB 29 Zac Williams 1 Phil Davis 19 Nick Haynes
FF 11 Touk Miller 30 Peter Wright 4 Jack Martin
HB 23 Heath Shaw 20 Adam Tomlinson 21 Matt Buntine
HF 9 Ben Ainsworth 19 Tom J. Lynch 38 Jesse Joyce
C 21 Tom Scully 8 Callan Ward 4 Toby Greene
C 24 David Swallow 4 Gary Ablett 6 Alex Sexton
HF 17 Steve Johnson 37 Rory Lobb 2 Jacob Hopper
HB 16 K. Kolodjashnij 16 Rory Thompson 42 Adam Saad
FF 5 Devon Smith 18 Jeremy Cameron 22 Josh Kelly
FB 21 Jack Leslie 1 Steven May 23 Sean Lemmens

Team Stats

378 Disposals 365
148 Contested Possessions 112
216 Kicks 187
162 Handballs 178
17 Free Kicks 24
43 Clearances 30
20 Centre Clearances 14
23 Stoppages 16
65 Inside 50 42
84 Marks 104
17 Marks in 50 8
8 Contested Marks 10
51 Tackles 49
41 Hit-Outs 30

Player Stats

GWS Giants

Adam Kennedy810184136
Adam Tomlinson124167
Callan Ward1220322111
Devon Smith114156153
Dylan Shiel15132821211
Heath Shaw1321561131
Jacob Hopper51015111
Jeremy Cameron1515123261
Josh Kelly16112751131
Matt Buntine527313
Nathan Wilson1922113
Nick Haynes108186212
Phil Davis6915521
Rory Lobb7411431122
Ryan Griffen812203141
Sam Reid73102412
Shane Mumford189238235
Steve Johnson851322432
Tim Taranto87154
Toby Greene11112263252
Tom Scully7916311
Zac Williams1282032

Gold Coast Suns

Aaron Hall15419422
Adam Saad51217522
Alex Sexton66122123
Ben Ainsworth7310523
Brayden Fiorini
Callum AhChee39122113
David Swallow1472143151
Gary Ablett97161511
Jack Bowes2572141
Jack Leslie951462
Jack Martin103137231
Jarrod Witts611174273221
Jarryd Lyons14102410113
Jesse Joyce412162
Jesse Lonergan
Joshua Schoenfeld
Kade Kolodjashnij17102711211
Matt Rosa914234111
Michael Barlow911206151
Peter Wright66125221
Rory Thompson971661
Sean Lemmens336223
Steven May15722811
Tom J. Lynch7714413322
Touk Miller81927512


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
7.4 (46) 10.8 (68) 16.12 (108) 24.16 (160)
Gold Coast
1.2 (8) 5.4 (34) 7.8 (50) 8.10 (58)