SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 27: Swans captain Barry Hall poses for a portrait during a Sydney Swans media ppportunity at the Sydney Cricket Ground September 27, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Former AFL greats Garry Lyon and Danny Frawley have each named their ‘Short-fuse Team of the Century’, containing all the perennial hot heads of the competition over the years.

Of the current players, only Suns co-captain Steven May, ex-Hawks legends Jordan Lewis and Luke Hodge and Giants bad boys Jeremy Cameron and Toby Greene made the cut.

Given that there are two teams, the pair had a few double ups of blokes who simply could not keep there cool.

So without further ado, here are Lyon and Frawley’s ‘Short-fuse team of the century’, courtesy of AFL Nation.

Frawley’s short-fuse team:

B: Glenn Archer (NM), Steven May (GC), Steven Baker (STK)

HB: Rod Grinter (MEL), Dustin Fletcher (ESS), Jordan Lewis (MEL)

C: David Rhys-Jones (CAR) Greg Williams (CAR), Robbie Muir (STK)

HF: Steve Johnson (GEE), Dermot Brereton (HAW), Barry Hall (SYD)

F: Gary Ablett Sr (GEE), Tony Lockett (STK), Neil Balme (RIC)

Fol: Carl Ditterich (STK), Jim Krakouer (NM), Luke Hodge (BL)

I/C: Greg Burns (STK, Roger Merrett (ESS), Toby Greene (GWS), Mark Jackson (MEL)

Lyon’s short-fuse team:

B: John Worsfold (WC), Rick Kennedy (WB), Glenn Archer (NM)

HB: Rod Grinter (MEL), Roger Merrett (ESS), David Rhys-Jones (CAR)

C: Robbie Muir (STK), Greg Williams (CAR), Phil Carman (COL)

HF: Steve Johnson (GEE), Dermot Brereton (HAW), Jeremy Cameron (GWS)

F: Bary Hall (SYD), Tony Lockett (STK), Carl Ditterich (STK)

Fol: Neil Balme (RIC), Gary Ablett Sr (GEE), Jim Krakouer (NM)

I/C: John Bourke (COLL), Mark Jackson (MEL), Brian Taylor (COL), Bernard Toohey (SYD)