Their best season came in 2017, as the club made its first grand final appearance since 1998. A star-studded squad, they were undoubtedly the best team in the regular season but couldn't get it done on the MCG when it counted.

With Betts and Cameron crumbing the tall forwards of Tippett, Walker and Jenkins and Tom Lynch linking up with the midfield, the Adelaide forward line could be the most dangerous.

The service to the forwards will come from the ball winners of Matt Crouch, Laird and Dangerfield, three of the best ball winners currently in the AFL, while Rutten and Talia are capable of shutting down the best forwards going around.

Adelaide's Top 22

FB: Rory Laird, Ben Rutten, Andy Otten

HB: Luke Brown, Daniel Talia, Brodie Smith

C:  Matt Crouch, Rory Sloane, Nathan Van Berlo

HF: Kurt Tippett, Josh Jenkins, Tom Lynch

FF: Eddie Betts, Taylor Walker (c), Charlie Cameron

R: Sam Jacobs, Patrick Dangerfield, Scott Thompson

I: Richard Douglas, Brad Crouch, Bernie Vince, David Mackay

Note: We only looked at players' outputs from 2008-2018, and didn't take take into account anything prior to 2008.