Three-time Geelong premiership player Paul Chapman has detailed a hilarious moment from 2007 involving a goat in the club rooms.

Chapman said back in 2007, the year of Geelong's first premiership victory since 1963, that players would have a weekly 'Minute of Madness' in which they would do something crazy and humourous to help keep the mood upbeat among the playing group.

“One of the IT guys at the club had this goatee that the boys liked to rib him about and someone went the extra mile and got a goat to the club,” Chapman told The Geelong Show podcast.

“Everyone erupted when the doors opened and this goat ran through dressed in a Geelong kit.

“They all wanted to touch the goat and it actually got really scared. It was pretty funny.”

Despite the incident, Chapman said it wasn't a distraction to the overall goal of the club that season, saying it was instead a show of confidence about how well the group was travelling.

“When you’re confident in your ability and what you can achieve you can actually do these things and it doesn’t take the focus off the professionalism on-field,” he said.

“Sometimes you can look at things and think how things should happen but when you own it just enjoy it and do your thing.”