GWS has released a statement surrounding the leaked video of Shane Mumford circulating on social media on Tuesday.

The Giants say the incident happened three years ago.

The GIANTS are aware of an incident, and associated video footage, regarding Shane Mumford from three years ago.

The club understands the incident took place in 2015 shortly after Shane had suffered a season-ending injury in round 11 that year.

The club is extremely distressed by the footage and views Shane’s actions as completely counter to the club’s values.

The club is disappointed in Shane’s choice of actions at this time and also understands that Shane requires a level of medical support with his health and well-being in mind. The club will be working with Shane to ensure he engages in a rehabilitation program along with a range of other measures.

Shane has expressed deep remorse, embarrassment and distress in relation to his actions. He understands he has let himself, his family and the club down and caused great embarrassment to those around him.

The club has kept the AFL informed of this matter.