Michael Georgiou

The best seasons that didn’t land a Brownlow

Take a look back at some of the stunning campaigns that couldn't claim the crown.

Where are they now?: Collingwood’s 2010 premiership side

Full of characters and professionals, what have the premiership Pies of 2010 been up to since?

Where are they now?: The first ever GWS 22

Nine years on from their maiden match in the AFL, here's what the baby Giants are up to now👇

When players were beaten by the bell… and vice-versa

Take a a trip down memory lane to see some split-second siren mayhem👇

Bachar Houli’s work, much bigger than football

The beloved defender departs the game having proven that his faith and profession could coexist.

Relegation and promotion in the AFL

Would the AFL be better fit with tiered leagues under relegation and promotion?

The TEN best retirement comebacks in history

After originally calling it quits, these players had a massive impact in their shock return to the game.

Esports and how the AFL can do more

At a time where financial security for the AFL is paramount, could gaming be the answer?

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