The AFL has released their full list of Covid contingent players that have been nominated by each of the league's 18-clubs.

Each top-up roster is comprised of 20-players currently linked with each of the club's state league sides, with Sydney, GWS, Brisbane and Gold Coast afforded the right to join ranks with standalone VFL clubs Port Melbourne, Coburg, Williamstown, Frankston, Werribee and the Northern Bullants.

As claimed within a statement released by AFL House on Thursday morning, these 360-players can only be called upon in the advent of athletes inside the AFL system being omitted due to health and safety protocols.

Said players will also only be elevated once their respective AFL affiliate has exhausted every possible member of their current senior and rookie listed names.

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 07: Tobe Watson of the Dockers in action during the AFL Community Series match between the West Coast Eagles and the Fremantle Dockers at Optus Stadium on March 07, 2021 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

This contingency is said to have been included so as to not impede the integrity of the AFL competition on the whole or to interrupt respective VFL, SANFL and WAFL competitions.

Speaking on Thursday, AFL General Manager of Football Brad Scott explained the concept and structures in detail.

“Over the last two seasons the AFL has put measures in place to best protect the competition, our clubs, players and umpires. While the ongoing pandemic will continue to challenge us, we remain committed to completing the season for supporters in a way that prioritises the health and safety of the wider community,” Mr Scott said.

“In a national sport, played across many states and territories, we need to be able to adapt, and adapt quickly to the COVID-19 conditions at any one time at locations where home teams are based, or away teams are travelling to. These guidelines help us achieve that while providing potential opportunities for talented players plying their craft in state league competitions to play football at the elite level.

“Through these guidelines, we have worked together with state leagues to ensure minimal impact or disruption to their respective competitions."

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 12: Paul Hunter of the Saints competes for the ball with Paddy Ryder of the Saints during a St Kilda Saints AFL training session at Moorabin on February 12, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Martin Keep/Getty Images)

Full AFL Covid Contingency Lists as provided by AFL House


Club Full Name State League Club
ADE Luke Partington Glenelg FC
ADE Corey Lyons Glenelg FC
ADE Sam Durdin Glenelg FC
ADE Matthew Allen Glenelg FC
ADE Justin Hoskin Central District FC
ADE Travis Schiller Central District FC
ADE Kyle Presbury Central District FC
ADE Billy McCormack Central District FC
ADE Malachy Carruthers Sturt FC
ADE Daniel Fahey-Sparks Sturt FC
ADE Tom Lewis Sturt FC
ADE Casey Voss Sturt FC
ADE Alex Spina North FC
ADE Campbell Combe North FC
ADE Harrison Wigg North FC
ADE Aaron Young North FC
ADE Jay Boyle Crows SANFL
ADE Nathan Freeman Crows SANFL
ADE Matthew Wright Crows SANFL
ADE Isaya McKenzie Crows SANFL
BRI Tahj Abberley Brisbane Lions
BRI Harry Arnold Brisbane Lions
BRI Charlie Bowes Brisbane Lions
BRI Wylie Buzza Brisbane Lions
BRI Nathan Colenso Brisbane Lions
BRI Will Fletcher Brisbane Lions
BRI Riley Greene Brisbane Lions
BRI Jackson Hille Brisbane Lions
BRI Charlie Offermans Brisbane Lions
BRI Luke O'Sullivan Brisbane Lions
BRI Bruce Reville Brisbane Lions
BRI Toby Triffett Brisbane Lions
BRI Charlie Thompson Coburg
BRI Sam Lowson Coburg
BRI Jack Maibaum Coburg
BRI Peter McEvoy Coburg
BRI Corey Wagner Port Melbourne
BRI Paul Hunter Port Melbourne
BRI Fletcher Roberts Port Melbourne
BRI Harvey Hooper Port Melbourne
CAR Ned Cahill Carlton VFL
CAR Alex Cincotta Carlton VFL
CAR Josh Cripps Carlton VFL
CAR Ben Crocker Carlton VFL
CAR Jesse Glass-Mccasker Carlton VFL
CAR Luke Goetz Carlton VFL
CAR Hugh Hamilton Carlton VFL
CAR David Handley Carlton VFL
CAR Will Hayes Carlton VFL
CAR Cody Hirst Carlton VFL
CAR Tyreece Leiu Carlton VFL
CAR Michael Lewis Carlton VFL
CAR Zavier Maher Carlton VFL
CAR Tom North Carlton VFL
CAR Stefan Radovanovic Carlton VFL
CAR Oliver Sanders Carlton VFL
CAR Cooper Stephens Carlton VFL
CAR Joel Trudgeon Carlton VFL
CAR Toby Wooller Carlton VFL
CAR Matt Shannon Carlton VFL
COL Campbell Hustwaite Collingwood VFL
COL Callan Wellings Collingwood VFL
COL Campbell Lane Collingwood VFL
COL Sam Fowler Collingwood VFL
COL Sam Glover Collingwood VFL
COL Lachlan Tardrew Collingwood VFL
COL Jacob Booth Collingwood VFL
COL Isaac Wallace Collingwood VFL
COL Neville Jetta Collingwood VFL
COL Derek Eggmolesse - Smith Collingwood VFL
COL Patrick Dowling Collingwood VFL
COL Michael Hartley Collingwood VFL
COL Matt Wetering Collingwood VFL
COL Zach Molloy Collingwood VFL
COL Cobi Maxted Collingwood VFL
COL Lachlan  McDonnell Collingwood VFL
COL Max Kennedy Collingwood VFL
COL Kaden Schreiber Collingwood VFL
COL Liam Purcell Collingwood VFL
COL Chad Mulvogue Collingwood VFL
ESS Dylan  Landt Essendon VFL
ESS Joe Atley Essendon VFL
ESS James Harrold Essendon VFL
ESS Ben Archard Essendon VFL
ESS Will Golds Essendon VFL
ESS James Peters Essendon VFL
ESS Shaun  McKernan Essendon VFL
ESS Sam Conforti Essendon VFL
ESS Patrick Bannister Essendon VFL
ESS Billy Cootee Essendon VFL
ESS Max Simpson Essendon VFL
ESS Cam McLeod Essendon VFL
ESS Austin Harris Essendon VFL
ESS Joel Fitzgerald Essendon VFL
ESS Cooper Anderson Essendon VFL
ESS Ronald Jnr Fejo Essendon VFL
FRE Wade Derksen Peel Thunder
FRE Lachlan Cullen Peel Thunder
FRE Tyrone Thorne Peel Thunder
FRE Ben Hancock Peel Thunder
FRE Traye Bennell Peel Thunder
FRE Ty Anderson Peel Thunder
FRE Zac Strom South Fremantle
FRE Blake Schlensog South Fremantle
FRE Jono Marsh East Fremantle
FRE Brynn Teakle East Fremantle
FRE Tyler Keitel West Perth
FRE Noah Pegoraro West Perth
FRE Bailey Rogers Claremont
FRE Jye Bolton Claremont
FRE Ronin O'Connor Claremont
FRE Lachlan Delahunty Subiaco
FRE Keegan Knott West Perth
FRE Hamish Brayshaw East Perth
FRE Leigh Kitchin Subiaco
FRE Jesse Palmer Swan Districts
GCS Boyd Woodcock Southport
GCS Jacob  Dawson Southport
GCS Max  Spencer Southport
GCS Jay Lockhart Southport
GCS Fraser Thurlow Southport
GCS Jacob  Townsend Southport
GCS Joel Crocker Southport
GCS Kwaby Boakye Southport
GCS Morgan Ferres GC VFL
GCS Riley Stone GC Academy
GCS Will Bella GC Academy
GCS Ned Stevens GC Academy
GCS Jed Foggo GC Academy
GCS Brinn Little GC Academy
GEE Kade  Chalcraft Geelong
GEE Jye Chalcraft Geelong
GEE Thomas Panuccio Geelong
GEE Liam Fiore Geelong
GEE Jack Mentha Geelong
GEE Jackson  McLachlan Geelong
GEE Marcus Herbert Geelong
GEE Thomas Feely Geelong
GEE Angus Byrne Geelong
GEE Daniel Capiron Geelong
GEE Ned Harris Geelong
GEE Isaac Wareham Geelong
GEE Ben Lloyd Geelong
GEE Cooper  Jones Geelong
GEE Matt Ling Geelong
GEE Oliver Tate Geelong
GEE Billy Crofts Geelong
GEE Ryan Abbott Geelong
GEE Tom Gillett Geelong
GEE Brett Bewley Geelong
GWS Bailey Stewart GWS Giants VFL
GWS William  Clark GWS Giants VFL
GWS Ryan Hebron GWS Giants VFL
GWS Sam Frost GWS Giants VFL
GWS Harry Grintell GWS Giants VFL
GWS Josh Green GWS Giants VFL
GWS Brodie Romensky GWS Giants VFL
GWS Jordan Foote GWS Giants VFL
GWS Angus Baker GWS Giants VFL
GWS Alex Smout GWS Giants VFL
GWS Shane Mumford GWS Giants VFL
GWS Jordan Gallucci Williamstown
GWS Joel Ottavi Williamstown
GWS James Cousins Williamstown
GWS Corey Preston Williamstown
GWS Taylin Duman Frankston
GWS Josh Begley Frankston
GWS Bailey Lambert Frankston
GWS Will Fordham Frankston
HAW Damian Mascitti Box Hill Hawks
HAW Vincent Adduci Box Hill Hawks
HAW Ben Cavarra Box Hill Hawks
HAW Hugh Beasley Box Hill Hawks
HAW James Blanck Box Hill Hawks
HAW Callum Porter Box Hill Hawks
HAW Fergus Greene Box Hill Hawks
HAW Jaylon Thorpe Box Hill Hawks
HAW Ed Phillips Box Hill Hawks
HAW Stuart Horner Box Hill Hawks
HAW Lachlan Wynd Box Hill Hawks
HAW Brady Grey Box Hill Hawks
HAW Jordan Cunico Box Hill Hawks
HAW Mason De Wit Box Hill Hawks
HAW Luis D'Angelo Box Hill Hawks
HAW Max Walton Box Hill Hawks
HAW Liam Coghlan Box Hill Hawks
HAW Charlie Beasley Box Hill Hawks
HAW Mitchell Sruk Box Hill Hawks
HAW James Parsons Box Hill Hawks
MEL Mitch White Casey Demons
MEL James Munro Casey Demons
MEL Matthew Buntine Casey Demons
MEL Jack Bell Casey Demons
MEL Corey Ellison Casey Demons
MEL George Grey Casey Demons
MEL Miles Shepherd Casey Demons
MEL Roan Steele Casey Demons
MEL Aiden Quigley Casey Demons
MEL Luca Goonan Casey Demons
MEL Riley Baldi Casey Demons
MEL Josh Smith Casey Demons
MEL Bryce Milford Casey Demons
MEL Tyler Edwards Casey Demons
MEL Jack Lonie Casey Demons
MEL David Zaharakis Casey Demons
MEL Reece Conca Casey Demons
MEL Sam J. Reid Casey Demons
MEL Callum Moore Casey Demons
MEL Thomas Freeman Casey Demons
NTH Kade Answerth North Melbourne VFL
NTH Josiah Burling North Melbourne VFL
NTH Sam Collins North Melbourne VFL
NTH Louis Cunningham North Melbourne VFL
NTH Youseph Dib North Melbourne VFL
NTH Hamish Dick North Melbourne VFL
NTH Connor Hinkley North Melbourne VFL
NTH Marty Hore North Melbourne VFL
NTH Harry Jones North Melbourne VFL
NTH Jack Lipscombe North Melbourne VFL
NTH Max Mitchell-Russell North Melbourne VFL
NTH Hamish Murphy North Melbourne VFL
NTH Cooper  Smith North Melbourne VFL
NTH Bode Stevens North Melbourne VFL
NTH Michael Stingel North Melbourne VFL
NTH Dylan Stone North Melbourne VFL
NTH Dom  Tyson North Melbourne VFL
NTH Mathew Walker North Melbourne VFL
NTH Jack Watkins North Melbourne VFL
NTH Alec Wright North Melbourne VFL
POR Ryan Garthwaite South Adelaide
POR Bryce Gibbs South Adelaide
POR Keegan Brooksby South Adelaide
POR Oscar Clavarino South Adelaide
POR Jay Rantall Norwood
POR Ben Jarvis Norwood
POR Declan Hamilton Norwood
POR Jacob Kennerley Norwood
POR Hamish Hartlett West Adelaide
POR Kaiden Brand West Adelaide
POR Tom Keough West Adelaide
POR Josh Ryan West Adelaide
POR Connor Ballenden Woodville West Torrens
POR Dylan Clark Woodville West Torrens
POR Troy  Menzel Woodville West Torrens
POR Daniel Menzel Woodville West Torrens
POR Cameron Sutcliffe PAFC SANFL
POR Trent Burgoyne PAFC SANFL
POR Matthew Lobbe PAFC SANFL
RIC Tom Brachar Richmond FC VFL
RIC Will Bravo Richmond FC VFL
RIC Dylan Cook Richmond FC VFL
RIC Massimo D'Ambrosio Richmond FC VFL
RIC Jackson Davies Richmond FC VFL
RIC Fraser Elliot Richmond FC VFL
RIC Misilifi Faimalo Richmond FC VFL
RIC Bailey Henderson Richmond FC VFL
RIC Angus Hicks Richmond FC VFL
RIC Lachlan Johnson Richmond FC VFL
RIC John Jorgensen Richmond FC VFL
RIC Mykelti Lefau Richmond FC VFL
RIC Steve Morris Richmond FC VFL
RIC Joel Nathan Richmond FC VFL
RIC Cam Olden Richmond FC VFL
RIC Jack Sexton Richmond FC VFL
RIC Lachlan Street Richmond FC VFL
RIC Liam Wale-Buxton Richmond FC VFL
RIC Tylar Young Richmond FC VFL
STK Darby  Hipwell Sandringham Zebras
STK Jacob  Lohmann Sandringham Zebras
STK Sam Dunnell Sandringham Zebras
STK Cody  Henness Sandringham Zebras
STK Oscar  Lewis Sandringham Zebras
STK Tyson  Milne Sandringham Zebras
STK Chris  Carey Sandringham Zebras
STK Mitch  Riordan Sandringham Zebras
STK Goy  Lok Sandringham Zebras
STK Fin  Bayne Sandringham Zebras
STK Jack  McHale Sandringham Zebras
STK Anthony  Seaton Sandringham Zebras
STK Oliver  Lowe Sandringham Zebras
STK Liam  Hayes Sandringham Zebras
STK Nick  Hodgson Sandringham Zebras
STK Scott  Beilby St Kilda NGA
STK Angus  McLennan St Kilda NGA
SYD Kyle Dunkley Northern Bullants
SYD Mutaz  El Nour Northern Bullants
SYD William Mitchell Northern Bullants
SYD Liam  Podhjaski Northern Bullants
SYD Nathan Cooper Werribee
SYD Ollie Hanrahan Werribee
SYD Shaun Mannagh Werribee
SYD Samuel Paea Werribee
SYD Adam Gulden Sydney Swans VFL
SYD William Collis Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Nicholas Shipley Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Jake Bartholomaeus Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Harry Morrison Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Darcy Cordell Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Nick Brewer Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Harry Maguire Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Kye Pfrengle Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Max Geddes Sydney Swans VFL
SYD Angus Anderson Sydney Swans Academy
SYD Will Edwards Sydney Swans Academy
WBD Ewan McPherson Footscray
WBD Nathan Drummond Footscray
WBD Lachie Sullivan Footscray
WBD Charlie Cormack Footscray
WBD Josh Kellet Footscray
WBD Austin Hodge Footscray
WBD Joel Garner Footscray
WBD Joshua Chatfield Footscray
WBD Luke Goater Footscray
WBD Bailey Van Der Heuvel Footscray
WBD Will Lewis Footscray
WBD Ned Nichols Footscray
WBD Angus Bade Footscray
WBD Nayef Hamad Footscray
WBD Jamieson Ballentyne Footscray
WBD Josh Patullo Footscray
WCE Ryan Ambrose West Coast WAFL
WCE Joey Deegan West Coast WAFL
WCE Zane Sumich West Coast WAFL
WCE Logan Young West Coast WAFL
WCE Damon Greaves East Perth
WCE Angus Schumacher East Perth
WCE Brayden Ainsworth Perth
WCE Corey Byrne Perth
WCE Angus Dewar Subiaco
WCE Stefan Giro Subiaco
WCE Sam Fisher Swan Districts
WCE Tobe Watson Swan Districts
WCE Steven Miller Claremont
WCE Aaron Black West Perth
WCE Tom Blechynden South Fremantle
WCE Jackson Ramsay East Perth
WCE Declan Mountford Claremont
WCE Luke Meadows West Perth
WCE Jake Florenca South Fremantle
WCE Chad Pearson South Fremantle