The AFL's Match Review Officer has handed down four charges from Friday's game between the Western Bulldogs and Collingwood, with two players hit with suspensions.

Dogs forward Sam Darcy has been handed a two-game suspension for rough conduct on Mapgie Brayden Maynard following a first-quarter collision in a marking contest.

The MRO has graded the incident as careless conduct, high impact and high contact, resulting in the suspension being handed down to Darcy.

If the charge and gradings are accepted by the Dogs and Darcy, the third-year forward will miss upcoming matches against Brisbane and Fremantle, and will next be available to return in Round 16 following the club's bye when the Dogs face North Melbourne.

Teammate Taylor Duryea has also been charged by the MRO, with a strike on Collingwood's Nick Daicos seeing the Dogs veteran hit with a fine.

The first-term incident saw Duryea swing his left arm backwards and make high contact with Daicos behind play.

The strike has been graded as careless conduct, low impact and high contact, resulting in a fine of $2500 for Duryea. He can challenge and risk a $3750 fine if unsuccessful.

Bulldogs forward Rhlyee West has also been charged by the MRO for rough conduct on Magpie Jeremy Howe.

The incident has been graded as careless conduct, high contact and medium impact, resulting in a one-game suspension for West.

Lastly, Collingwood's Josh Daicos has been slapped with a striking charge for a hit on Western Bulldogs forward Lachie McNeil.

The strike came in the third term of Friday's game and saw Daicos hit the midriff of McNeil away from play.

Daicos can accept a fine of $1250, or challenge the charge and risk a fine of $1875 if unsuccessful.

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