The AFL mid-season trade period was once a hyped-up concept initially welcomed by the league's community.

However, after much discussion with the 18 clubs around its viability, GM of Football Laura Kane revealed that there wasn't much "appetite" for players moving clubs during the season, especially if other concessions were made.

As the league continues to work on the competitive balance of the competition, taking on feedback from all clubs, there have been talks of changes to the current draft points systems and father-son and academy player access in yearly drafts.

With the likely changes coming for the upcoming draft and beyond, Kane figured that was reason enough for clubs to bypass mid-season trading.

"We didn't get that much support for that," Kane said on SEN's Crunch Time.

"The clubs... I think there was interest in trading of picks but not as much trading of players.

"That's probably a fair summary of where the clubs are at which seems to be the sentiment at the moment, particularly, if other things like DVI or access to academy or father-son was to change or become fairer in the club's eyes.

"There was less appetite for something like a mid-season trading of players."