MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 10: Bryce Gibbs of the Blues looks dejected after a loss during the 2016 AFL Round 16 match between the Carlton Blues and the Adelaide Crows at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on July 10, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

The Crows have released a statement following the club’s failed bid to recruit Carlton star Bryce Gibbs, stating that they were not prepared to meet Carlton’s “unrealistic” demands.

See the full statement below:

The Adelaide Crows were not prepared to meet Carlton’s unrealistic demands in a trade for Bryce Gibbs.

Officials from both clubs met several times in recent days and ultimately could not come to an agreement.

Crows General Manager List Management and Strategy Justin Reid said the Club had explored every avenue to strike a deal.

“Both clubs were well aware of Bryce and his family’s desire to return home, coupled with the fact he is also contracted to Carlton for a further three years,” Reid said. 

“He is a quality player and person but like in all trades, there has to be ‘fair value’ for both parties.

“We do not believe that would’ve been the case if we were to hand over at least two first-round draft picks or a combination of players, who are crucial to our short and long term success, as was requested.

“Taking into account a large number of factors, we decided that proceeding with such an arrangement would have been irresponsible list management.”

Reid said the Club wishes Gibbs and his family well for the future.

“Bryce and his management contacted our Club at the eleventh hour prior to trade period,” Reid said.

“Before taking the call, our intent was to head to the national draft in search of quality young talent which is now once again our focus.”



    • Yeah nice one idiot. Got one of the youngest list profiles in the comp as opposed to Carlton with one of the oldest. You muppets might win 5 games next year and the rebuild hasn’t even started yet.

    • Piss poor trade period on there behalf. Plus given the two first round picks they would be giving up would be 13 and something similar 14/15 next season it’s not a massive ask something could have been worked out

    • Crows have the worst midfield depth in the comp. If Sloane goes down they are rat shit. Without him they got toweled by the eagles. Who’s next in line, Ellis-Yolman lol. That’s who is knocking the door down. An aging Thompson, Crouch bros, Atkins, Douglas wont cut it. Havent replaced Danger and Gibbs was a must to help the mids.

    • Fair enough although footy feeds are my outlet for not thinking sensibly since it doesn’t overly matter. Realistically with the profile of our list I think 2018 would be the year that we have no excuses for not credibly challenging for a flag so giving away 2 first round picks or any young guns would be silly. If they can get a gun at the end of next year all well and good. I think they signed Thompson this year purely to guide such a young group. If they were ready he would have retired.
      We never intended in making a play for Gibbs until his family came to us and asked. I don’t see how the Carlton list manager going against the coaches philosophy is a good thing for Carlton. Keeping a player against his wishes is divisive and breeds poor culture. Also Carlton will go backwards next year. There early season success was nothing more than a honeymoon period.

  1. Interested in someone defining ‘fair value’ for a player with three years to run on his contract? Adelaide made a public announcement without having made contact with The Navy Blues, trying to leverage a better trade. It did not work, end result for Adelaide is one less mid than they had in 2016. Only team that loses here is the Crows.

  2. Hmmm the Crows can suck me off….difference between Gibbs and let’s say O’meara is that Gibbs is a contracted player. Gives us more leverage and would therefore need more to get the deal done than O’meara. So how’s about they stop comparing other deals and making statements that their offer was fair

    • Pretty much everyone else other than people at Carlton have said that the offer was fair. If Carlton didn’t want to take it that is their decision but you cannot say it wasn’t a fair offer.

    • Sweet. Well keep a player that doesn’t want to be there, play him in the vfl next year and he’ll walk for fuck all next trade period. I’d be filthy if I was a blues supporter because now you will get nothing for you asset.

    • But Bryce Gibbs is an important player for us and has 3 years to run on his contract!
      Adelaide had to pay overs and they didn’t simple. Everyone else who got traded prestia, JOM, tom Mitchell were all Uncontracted players, that’s the big difference !

    • Carlton value Gibbs more than what Adelaide do, so of course Carlton are expecting more then what the crows were going to give. Plus if you want him you pay overs, his contracted.

    • As I said Gibbs is a contracted player unlike the other quality players that left (Mitchell, O’meara, Prestia etc). You risk getting nothing for these players if you don’t trade. Blues don’t have to do anything. In the current market you always have to pay overs to get the player you want. Did the Crows even try to improve their pick 13 with trying to get a higher first rounder? I bet you they didn’t. Did they even try to do anything? Let’s face it this deal was put in front of the Blues at the start of the trade period and we rejected it then. Why would we accept now when as I said we have nothing to lose. Crows can get angry at themselves. They think we are going to continue to be their door mats. Glad SOS took a stand!!!

    • Glad SOS took a stand to keep a player who will clearly not be apart of the next premiership let alone the next finals campaign…who knows when that will be when you have Matty wright as your leading goal kicker hahaha

    • Jimmy Gorozidis fuck the malaka. Carlton will lose him next year but this time for an even shitter draft pick then what was offered this time round because Adelaide will probably finish top 4 anyway

  3. Carlton Wankers… It’s alright for them to take GWS youngsters for a pkt of chips but when the shoes on the other foot there fuckwits…
    2 first round picks lmfao…
    Jason Harris why are carltank suck fucktards when it comes to this

  4. He was happy to sign for five years, new he has a kid the missus wants to go home, well both clubs are bigger than any individual, if you thought you may ever want to move home, don’t sign long term contracts

    • He can just wait a few years to move, the missus shouldn’t be forcing him to move just because of the kid. btw I’m sure Melbourne is a better place to raise a child than Adelaide anyway

  5. Doesnt matter how fair the offer is he has 3 years left on a deal. So all that matters is what carlton feels suits them. Crows didnt wanna get there ao they didnt get the player. After trading lyons makes there midfield look a little thin.

  6. Gibbs better not whinge, has 3 years left of his contract to serve. Try again in 2 years time champ. Suck it up until then and be grateful for the chance you have and the money you recieve

  7. alot of salty people commenting! the crows shouldn’t have come out bragging that gibbs wants to come home before speaking to carlton tuff luck bunch of champagne sipping wankers!

  8. I hate Carlton as much as the next bloke… but Gibbs was out of order as a contracted player. This thing that’s happening where players have started demanding where they play is ridiculous.

  9. Have a go at all these crow flogs sooking on here. Build a bridge and get over it, if you guys wanted him that badly and offered him a 5 year deal you must of rated him highly enough. So why now all of you saying he wasn’t worth anything. Floggers! Also couldn’t keep the kid Lyon, nice trade effort tho Adelaide haha. Benny Pettifer?

  10. Suck it crows! Being a Pies supporter, i still would like to see Carlton lose a good player but i reckon the crows were into him a long time ago, so stiff shit!

  11. It’s not as if the blues were asking for 2 top 5 picks. 2 later first round picks would have got the trade done and Gibbs is certainly worth it. Crows loss, he would have complimented they’re midfield perfectly

  12. Why so upset Crows fans? Your list manager’s mouth writing cheques your club didn’t have the will or intention to deliver on 😂

    Good on SOS for standing firm. I’m sure Gibbs knows this was a chance and while his preference may have been to head home, he’s professional enough to put in for the club that’s been his home since he joined the AFL 😉

  13. Stop your bloody whinging, i could not careless if he plays good or bad. Contract is a contract and i am sick of clubs using players to sook up so they can get out of a contract. 👍 to sos for holding tough and strong and do it for the next 3 years then see if they still want him when he is 30 and we will happily take the compo pick for nothing!!

  14. As a non supporter of both clubs…I totally understand Carlton’s stand on this. Although the blues are asking for more than Gibbs is really worth he is still their 2nd best player and they should be highly compensated as every other club would expect to be highly compensated for letting their 2nd best player leave…whom last year was happy to sign for four years and now he wants out. Well done to the blues for sticking to their guns. Don’t stone the crows…fuck the crows…lol

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