For some teams currently sitting outside the eight, the possibility of finals football has already evaporated.

Dismal performances, rebuilds, and tough fixtures have left the wins and losses column looking bleak and supporter's minds already cast to the upcoming trade and draft periods.

With some teams in dire need of aid in every area, others sit within a whisker of finals footy and require only a lick of polish rather than a total renovation.

This led us to contemplate that if each team outside of the eight could re-draft one club legend at their peak, who would it be?

From ninth place to the certain wooden spooners, here are our selections.


Melbourne – Robbie Flower

Still a more than realistic possibility to make the finals this year, the Demons aren't severely in need of help.

Although they have a young team with talent across all thirds of the ground, we've selected arguably the greatest Redleg to rejoin the current crop.

The late great Robbie Flower was a majestic wingman who used every ounce of his light frame to propel the Dees across 272 games for the club.

Flower's poise with the ball in hand and ability to make darting runs forward would arrest Melbourne's current trend of wasteful forward fifty entries.

The wiry winger was also no stranger to goal, winning the club's leading goal kicker award in 1979 and 1983.

Having only played September football once in fifteen seasons, we've included Robbie for a final tilt at an elusive flag.