Fringe Tiger Jacob Townsend is one of many players whose future lies with highly sought-after Gold Coast co-captain Tom Lynch.

With interest in free agent Lynch from the Tigers well known, players like Townsend hang in limbo, waiting to see just how much salary cap room is left.

“For a lot of those players, and I would imagine Jacob included, yeah it is more a conversation at the end of the year,” Townsend’s manager Scott Lucas told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“Let’s not be silly, the phrase at the moment for a lot of clubs, (is) we don’t know if we’ve got a million dollars or no dollars.

Richmond’s strong interest in the free-agent is set to spell out the fate of Townsend, who gained a quick cult-following after his performance in Richmond’s finals campaign last year.

Despite a commendable effort last year and for the first nine games of 2018, the 25-year-old finds himself playing out his time in the VFL, struggling to make his return.

“He is out of contract, he’s spent some time in the VFL this year, working on his form,” Lucas said.

“I think when he’s back in form he’ll be back in the team, and they want him in the team, it’s just a matter finding his very best form again.”