Here is our team of the Round for round 12 of the 2015 AFL Season. Tell us what you think of our round 12 team!

FB: Jeremy McGovern (WCE) Lynden Dunn (Melb) Robert Murphy (WB)

HB: Luke Hodge (Haw) Sam Rowe (Carl) Sam Mitchell (Haw)

C: Patrick Cripps (Carl) Nathan Jones (Melb) Jamie McMillan (NM)

HF: Jack Macrae (WB) Chad Wingard (PA) Mitch Wallis (WB)

FF: Jake Stringer (WB) Josh Kennedy (WCE) Jeff Garlett (Melb)

Foll: Todd Goldstein (NM) Bernie Vince (Melb) Dustin Martin (Rich)

I/C: Max Gawn (Melb) Nic Naitanui (WCE) Travis Boak (PA) Patrick Dangerfield (Adel)