Sydney ruckman Peter Ladhams has been handed a four-game ban following an incident involving Casey Demons player Taj Woewodin on the weekend.

The Swans tall can accept a three-game ban for the altercation, which left Woewodin dazed on the boundary line.

Late into the final quarter of the VFL's own qualifying final between the Demons and Swans, Ladhams charged through Woewodin in a late hit on the teenager as he looked to keep the ball in play while not taking possession.

The hit looks to have collected Woewodin high, flooring the Melbourne youngster and sparking a scuffle between Casey players and Ladhams.

Ladhams has battled to hold down a spot in John Longmire's side in his first year as a Swan, having battled both injury and suspension to be limited to just 11 appearances.

A broken thumb and subsequent surgery have seen Ladhams needing to work his way back through the VFL to prove himself as a suitable option at AFL level, having not featured in the top flight since suffering the ailment in Round 17 against the Bulldogs.

Any chance of a return to AFL level has almost been dashed, with the Swans needing to lose their qualifying final against Melbourne this week and then go undefeated until the grand final for Ladhams to be available.

Woewodin did not return to the field for the final minutes of the Demons' 47-point win, however, the club is yet to reveal any extent of injury to their rookie midfielder.

The suspension isn't Ladhams' first of the year, with the 24-year-old having been hit with a striking charge for a hit on former teammate Ollie Wines in Round 14.

Ladhams was handed a one-game ban for his actions.