It was another busy weekend in the SuperCoach world with some big scores from popular premiums and rookies, as well as some positional changes giving some players dual position status which could increase the popularity of some players amongst owners.

Midfielders such as Scott Pendlebury, Dayne Zorko and Angus Brayshaw have now been granted defender status which would intrigue owners heading into this round.

The arrival of star Giant Toby Greene will also be one to watch for owners interested in the forward's services.

With that being said, let's check out some players to buy, hold and sell as we head into round five of the season.



Braydon Preuss ($204,700) (RUC)

The star Giants ruckman is on the bubble this week, meaning he is set to skyrocket in price and that means it's time to trade him in while he's still at a cheap price.

The former Demons ruckman is averaging 105.5 Supercoach points per game in his first two games with his new club, but was suspended for an elbow last week.

Where he returns straight back into the lineup remains to be seen after Matt Flynn had a strong game on the weekend, but if Preuss is selected then get him in straight away.

Currently has a breakeven of -93 and a massive projected price rise of $81.3k which will definitely entice owners to trade him in this week.

Malcolm Rosas ($130,600) (FWD)

The Suns youngster has impressed in his second season in the league so far, kicking three goals in his first game this year, proving he can be an excitement machine for the Suns moving forward.

Currently averaging 73.5 Supercoach points per game across two games, Rosas has a healthy breakeven of -71 and a projected price rise of $51.2k and can still be bought at a cheap price.

Rosas' job security looks pretty strong in the Suns' forward line so he looks to be the perfect downgrade option in owners' forward lines.

Bailey Smith ($522,000) (MID)

The talented Bulldogs midfielder has gone a bit under the radar due to the flurry of top-notch Bulldogs midfielders, but Smith has been delivering week in and week out.

Currently averaging 119 Supercoach points per game, the Dogs ball-magnet hasn't gone below 30 disposals in his four games this year, averaging a crazy 35.8 disposals per game.

Has a low breakeven of 45 and a projected price rise of $34.4k so he won't be this cheap for too much longer for the form that he is in.

Around 4,000 owners have already traded him in and it would be wise to follow suit.


Nick Daicos ($354,300) (DEF/MID)

It would not be wise to part ways just yet with the Pies son of a gun, as there is still cash generation to be made and he has proven to be a reliable and consistent performer.

Had a 71 point performance on the weekend, which is slightly down on his output but nothing to be concerned about, he still had a casual 27 disposals.

Has a breakeven of 9 and is still projected to rise plenty in cash.

He's very handy to have in the midfield so look elsewhere for other trade options this week.

Tristan Xerri ($336,500) (FWD/RUC)

The big North ruckman has been impressive this season and has been a great cash cow for Supercoach owners, increasing $128k in value over three weeks.

That cash generation will slow up over the next fortnight or so, with his breakeven sitting at 46.

Xerri should be able to hit his breakeven considering he's averaging 85.8 points on the season, but he's only meant to increase $13.1k in value.

This shouldn't be cause for concern as he is coming off a 103 point performance against the Bulldogs, he's taken up the prime ruck duties from Todd Goldstein, and he's been given dual position status in the ruck now which gives him extra value to owners.

Definitely hold for now.

Brodie Grundy ($554,200) (RUC)

Grundy lands himself in the hold section for the second time in three weeks, which is concerning for the star Magpie, and especially concerning after an abysmal 53-point performance against the Lions.

It is rare for Grundy to perform that badly in pretty much all areas of the game, and a lot of owners have hit the rage trade button, with close to 8,000 owners moving on from Grundy.

The star ruckman is too proud of a player to have two bad games in a row, and what better way to redeem yourself than on ANZAC Day.

In last year's ANZAC Day game, Grundy went large for 153 Supercoach points, so don't be surprised if he goes large again and make everyone who traded him out this week regret their decision.



Jason Horne-Francis ($316,200) (MID)

The number one draft pick is an absolute beast and will continue to be for the future of his career, but after a 39-point performance on the weekend, it is hard to justify keeping the youngster in our sides.

With a breakeven of 51 and a projected price rise of $10.3k, Horne-Francis' cash production is nearing its ceiling and it is a perfect time to upgrade to a premium from here.

Over 10,000 owners have already pulled the pin on the star youngster, and it seems to be one of the more popular trade outs this week.

Matt Rowell ($401,400) (MID)

Another former number one draft pick has found himself on the outer of many SuperCoach sides this week after a series of underwhelming performances from the Suns midfielder.

Back-to-back scores of 65 and 64 have caused owners to lose patience in the 20-year old, with Rowell being the most traded out player this week with over 18,000 owners hitting the trade button.

Rowell now has a breakeven of 103 and is expected to lose some value, meaning now is the perfect time to upgrade to another midfielder who is more consistent and reliable.

Aaron Hall ($511,300) (DEF)

The slick Kangaroos defender had been sublime to start the 2022 season, averaging 104.8 SuperCoach points over the first month, but succumbed to a hamstring injury on Good Friday against the Bulldogs and is set for a stint on the sidelines.

It is a shame as he was playing well against the Bulldogs before the injury occurred and had been a nice point of difference for owners who invested in him at the start of the season.

Still at a solid price, owners should be able to trade across to another premium, especially with some extra cash in the bank.


  1. Braydon Preuss - (-93)
  2. Malcolm Rosas - (-71)
  3. Nathan O'Driscoll - (-69)
  4. Beau McCreery - (-51)
  5. Ben Ronke - (-38)
  6. Neil Erasmus - (-31)
  7. Hugh Dixon - (-25)
  8. Jack Hayes - (-22)
  9. Sam Skinner - (-21)
  10. Brandon Zerk-Thatcher - (-18)


  1. Braydon Preuss - (+$81.3k)
  2. Nathan O'Driscoll - (+$61.7k)
  3. Malcolm Rosas - (+$51.2k)
  4. Jack Hayes - (+$49.8k)
  5. Will Brodie - (+$46.2k)
  6. Nic Martin - (+$45.8k)
  7. Neil Erasmus - (+$42.8k)
  8. Hugh Dixon - (+$39.3k)
  9. Beau McCreery - (+$39k)
  10. Ben Ronke - (+$38k)