Gold Coast forward Jack Lukosius can expect a striking charge from the AFL's Match Review Officer following a hit on Carlton's Mitch McGovern on Saturday.

After the ball went over the boundary line and out of play in the first term, Lukosius was confronted by McGovern after the Suns player applied some pressure of his own on young Blue Lachie Cowan.

Lukosius then decided to swing his right arm and clenched fist into McGovern's midriff, with the Carlton defender falling to the ground as a result of the strike.

A tussle between Lukosius and Nic Newman then broke out, while no free kick was paid to either side.

It's an action that's sure to earn the scrutiny of the MRO, who stands as a strong chance to hand Lukosius a fine for striking.

The incident could be viewed as intentional conduct by Lukoisius given play was dead, while gradings of low impact and body contact would result in a fine for Lukosius.

Similar incidents this season involving Jed Walter, Scott Pendlebury and Lachie Neale have earned similar penalties.

The MRO will release their findings from Saturday's action on Sunday evening.

Carlton WON BY 29 POINTS
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