MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 16: Tom Hickey (L) Jack Billings, Jarryn Geary and Jimmy Webster of the Saints (R) sing the club song after winning during the round four AFL match between the Collingwood Magpies and the St Kilda Saints at Etihad Stadium on April 16, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

In their fifth episode from season one of Talking Jack with Jarryn, the boys discuss the funniest nicknames at the club, and reveal their top sledges from opposition players.

The podcast involves Saints captain Jarryn Geary, midfielders Jack Newnes and Jack Billings in a discussion which the boys share funny stories from their playing careers, both on and off field.

The question of funniest nickname at the club was the highlight of the podcast, and revealed some interesting information about former Saints ruckman Tom Hickey.

Hickey was nicknamed “backass”, and Newnes detailed why.

“Tom Hickey use to wear his jocks and the crack on his cheeks would go a quarter the way up his back… So his cheeks went higher than probably the average male between the age bracket of 15 to 30” explained Newnes.

“It wasn’t cause his shorts were low, he wore his shorts in a regular position” added Geary.

The discussion then diverted to another moniker that use to flow through the club.

“We had another player Dan Markworth, his nickname was King, and the King was obviously dethroned when he was de-listed. And then Ed (Phillips) came along the following year and they sort of had similar traits, the way they operate, and also has a lot of cash so he’s called the king.” Newnes said.

The other nickname at the club the trio thought deserved a mention was Bailey Rice, who receives ‘Bubbles’ for a witty relation to the cereal.

The next question posed to the players, “what is the best on-field sledge you’ve ever heard or dished out”, and although content was limited, Geary dished up this beauty.

“I don’t mind the witty comments, I can’t even remember who it was but I was lining up for goal and someone said ‘you should be playing rugby not footy with those ears'” Geary said.

All three of the boys made it clear that they would work on sledges over the second half of the season and share some with the listeners in the future.

In Jack Newnes’ segment ‘Jill’s Grill’, the inside mid verbally attacked teammate and co-host Jack Billings, revealing a story that happened during an off-season trip to Byron Bay.

“My story comes from someone on this table,” Newnes said.

“One thing that I cannot stand and it really p*sses me off is a sook… and JB I’m not saying you always sook, but in this instance, there was enough evidence.

“On episode one or two we talked about our trip to Byron Bay and we didn’t quite elaborate too much on the trip… But we got to the airport and JB was wearing these horrific crocs/thongs,” Newnes continued.

“Prescribed by the club” added Billings.

“They were prescribed to wear at the club, nowhere else.” Geary chipped in.

“By the third day I had enough of seeing them, so I snapped one of the thongs, we all laughed… but JB’s face just completely dropped. For the next 24 hours JB did not say another word to any of us” said Newnes.

“It was probably 36” added Geary.

“We all went out bought him some new shoes and he was fine” replied Newnes.

There’s plenty of other content to hear in this week’s 35-minute podcast of Talking Jack with Jarryn.

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