Port Adelaide captain Tom Jonas has announced his retirement from AFL football at the end of this season.

Jonas revealed his news to his Power teammates on Tuesday during a team meeting.

The 32-year-old fell out of favour with Ken Hinkley's selection committee this season, however, he has since regained his spot ahead of a crucial finals campaign at Alberton due to a medium-term injury to defender Trent McKenzie.

Jonas reflected on his decorated career on Tuesday afternoon.

"It's been a fair roller coaster but for me [but] there have been so many more ups than downs," Jonas said when addressing the media on Tuesday.

"You reflect on moments that maybe at the time were tough and challenging, exhausting or sad, but ultimately, they're what makes you appreciate the good times and they're what make you galvanise relationships and friendships with everyone that you spend time with along the way.

"The good thing about this for me is that the final chapter hasn't been written, and that's really exciting. For me, it was about removing any distraction from the team with what we've got to look forward to in the month ahead.

"Obviously this weekend is our last home game ahead of finals so it's a great opportunity to play again in front of some friends and family, and of course the supporters who've been so good to me along the way.

"I've got a lot of people to thank, and I'll try and do that privately in person, but the people I'd like to recognise publicly are Ken (Hinkley), Chris (Davies) and 'Bass' (Nathan Bassett) for supporting me to be the best person, leader, and footballer I can be over the years.

"Some of the significant individuals like Hamish (Hartlett) – we led the team side by side for a long time and he was always my sounding board – and the other leaders 'Darce' (Darcy Byrne-Jones), 'Wal' (Ollie Wines) and learning from 'Boaky' (Travis Boak) and then this year 'Roze' (Connor Rozee) and 'Buttsy' (Zak Butters) stepping up and taking some of the load primarily with their actions and the way they conduct themselves.

"Most importantly Mum and Dad, and (my wife) Millie and the kids. I owe them a lot and it'll be nice to share more time with them in retirement."

"You'd love to play forever but inevitably it comes to an end," Jonas said of his decision to retire.

"I wouldn't have the biggest highlight reel so I've always cherished the team accomplishments and watching the team grow and achieve their goals, knowing I've played a small part. That's where I've taken my fulfilment, not so much from what I've done myself."

Port Adelaide's final home-and-away fixture of this season comes at Adelaide Oval against Richmond this Sunday afternoon.

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