Collingwood president Eddie McGuie has fired a shot at Port Adelaide chairman David Koch over the club's bid to wear the 'prison bar' guernsey.

After stepping aside as Collingwood President and enjoying a brief media hiatus, Eddie McGuire returned to the spotlight on Monday night by taking aim at Port Adelaide's proposal to once again don their iconic 'Prison Bar' guernseys.

Having worn the black and white strip in last season's 'Showdown' against arch-rivals Adelaide, the Alberton club has reportedly opened dialogue with AFL officials about reprising the bars again in 2021.

After being granted to ability to run out onto Adelaide Oval in the historic uniform to celebrate their 150th anniversary last season, veteran journalist and Footy Classified panelist Caroline Wilson reported that if history was to repeat itself this season, the decision would be Collingwood's to make.

Responding to Wilson's statement, McGuire - no longer officially affiliated with the Collingwood Football Club - passionately outlined the response Port Adelaide was almost certain to receive.

"I know what the answer will be, the answer is no," he told Nine's Footy Classified.

"They had it last year! So take me through this, they thought about it last year and knew they were going to play in front of an empty stadium and wore it anyway".

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The outspoken McGuire added to his personal stance with further flippant replies.

"This year they'll have it for the 151st anniversary. What about next year, what is it, Mark Williams' birthday or something?".

The 56-year-old also claimed that due to the sanctity of the colour scheme and the rich deals the Magpies secured under his tenure, it would be unlikely that his former employer would renege on their previous stance.

"The Collingwood Football Club jumper is one of the most sought-after, expensive jumpers. We've just done a massive deal with Nike, with CGU and Emirates on there," he said.

"Collingwood receives $6 million a year less than Port Adelaide, so Collingwood is a net-giver every year and has been to the competition right the way through.

"If they want to celebrate something big, when they start becoming a net-giver instead of a net-receiver, then we'll have a bit of a look at it. That jumper of Collingwood's keeps them going because we make a lot of money off the back of that.

"It is a trademark issue. The AFL, when they took over all our trademarks, they must protect the trademark."

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Despite continually adding logs to the debate's fire in the past, McGuire claimed he was fatigued with having the same conversation. He also pointed to the fact that Port Adelaide had a myriad of other wardrobe options at their disposal.

"Everyone is sick of it. They've got great jumpers. They've got a thousand jumpers they've worn over the years. It's not a small thing. If it's such a small thing, why are they driving us mad every year?

"They wore it last year, we've allowed them to wear it whenever they've asked to do it.

"They've got a thousand jumpers they can wear, they've got a really good jumper this year, they might want a premiership jumper.

"Worry about that, worry about making money and stop annoying us every year. Simple as that. Back off, no. You've got a great jumper, just get on with it. It's just annoying now."

With McGuire rekindling the flames, Kane Cornes added fuel to the fire on Thursday morning.

Speaking on SEN SA Breakfastthe Port Adelaide Premiership player took aim at both Collingwood and the league in the latest iteration of 'Prison Bar Gate'.

“The AFL has been pathetic on this issue. Absolutely pathetic. The AFL could have solved this issue 15 years ago and said ‘this is it, this is the rules and this is what’s happening’ and they can still do that.

The equally as outspoken pundit took further umbrage with the AFL, citing their inconsistent clash jumper policy in his response.

“It’s like when they allowed Collingwood to get away with not having a clash jumper. The AFL were weak on that issue, they were weak with Richmond, now finally Richmond has a clash jersey, which they won a premiership in.

“Has that hurt anyone? Has that hurt Richmond by having a clash guernsey? Will it hurt Collingwood to let Port Adelaide wear a clash jumper in two showdowns? No it won’t. It won’t affect the Collingwood Football Club one bit.”

As mentioned, the AFL is still yet to make a ruling on whether Port Adelaide will be afforded the right to wear the 'Prison Bars' for their Round 8 clash against Adelaide.

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