Chris Judd

Chris Judd’s dual role as Carlton direct of football and TV pundit is now up in the air with the former superstar being red-faced after his “training-wheels” comments toward Carlton’s next coach.

Speaking on Footy Classified last week, Judd made the strong statement that Carlton “don’t want someone with training wheels on” becoming their next coach.

With David Teague having coached only five senior games at the helm, many believed it was directed at him but after Carlton’s turn in form which has seen them win three games against one top-four side and two road wins, as well as two losses by under five points – Judd has now clarified his original comments.

“I said on this show the next coach of Carlton won’t have training wheels on and they’ll have enough experience,” Judd commented on Monday night.

“I didn’t specify senior coaching experience for that to be the case. No different to Cain Liddle at Brendon Bolton’s press conference, saying the next coach needs to be able to get their feet under the desk from day one and take us to the next level — so seemingly innocuous comments.

“I rang him to clarify that I didn’t say what was said. At the end of the day, I was frustrated with myself, because I wasn’t precise enough with my language.”

Judd was embarrassed that the public perception directed his comments toward the current Blues boss and said he is weighing up his role on TV due to his commitment at former club Carlton.

“I have to be careful more precise with the words that I use to avoid these headlines in future.

“I’ve really got to become a more accomplished media performer or decide it’s not the right space for me to be in.”

Judd is widely regarded as one of the best to ever play the game and the dual Brownlow Medalist is solely determined on ensuring the rise out of the darkness which Carlton has been in ever since he departed the club in 2015.

This could mean the end of his spell on TV as it’s moments like these which question the professionalism of the great, and he is well aware of the consequences of the potential misinterpretations of his comments.