MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 29: Adam Treloar of the Magpies looks dejected after defeat during the Round 15 AFL match between Collingwood v North Melbourne at Marvel Stadium on June 29, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

GWS chief executive David Matthews has declared that the Giants do not miss the services of Giant-turned Magpie Adam Treloar.

Treloar left for the Magpies at the end of 2015 for two-first round picks, which ultimately saw the Giants pick up talented young gun Tim Taranto in the 2016 draft.

Despite being in career-best form in 2019, averaging 33 touches a game along with 6 clearances this season, Matthews is adamant that the orange and charcoal don’t pine after the speedy midfielder.

There was a lot of talk surrounding Treloar and where he was going to end up as confusion of his new destination continued to rise toward the end of 2015.

His arrival at the Holden Centre came to the footy world as a bit of a shock, who believed that Richmond were front-runners in securing the young talent.

While speculation grew as to where Treloar would end up, the midfielder was adamant during the season that he’d be staying in western Sydney.

His decision to leave the club was a surprise as was unveiling, which was in a not-so-subtle clip, that CEO Matthews still hasn’t forgotten.

“I think about his final year at the club where he was absolutely adamant that he was staying, going nowhere,” Matthews said on the AFL’s In The Game podcast.

“I think sometimes we’ve had players, and this happens with the Gold Coast too, go for the money. It ends up being a bit about a ‘go-home’ factor but I would have thought in the end his decision as much as anything came down to money.

“He was very, very clear Adam that he was going to stay with us. He was equally clear that Richmond was going to be his club of choice and then he made a decision to be equally clear that Collingwood was his club of choice.

“I think there was a pretty confusing time for him at that stage.

“Clearly he’s got some clarity on it now.”

At the time, GWS football manager Graeme Allan departed for the Holden Centre, which coincided with Treloar picking his new home.

When asked about that time, Matthews said: “That was probably a disappointing period in the club’s history. We would have loved to have been able to hold Treloar but in saying that, I don’t think we’ve missed him too much.”

Over the past few seasons, Treloar has been able to develop a media presence, highlighting his growth and maturity as a player and person.

“I think he’s developed himself very, very well Adam Treloar and he speaks very clearly and he loves doing the media,” Matthews said.

“It’s really important to him, the media, I know that was one of his factors when he was with us. The limelight was important to him.

“I think the way he characterises how he got there and how he made his decision now is more in hindsight than what it was at the time.”