MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 17: Coach Rodney Eade speaks with Will Minson ahead of a Western Bulldogs AFL press conference announcing his contract will not be renewed at the end of the season at Whitten Oval on August 17, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

Former Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade has taken to Twitter to comment on a recent viral video that has surfaced on Facebook.

Audio has surfaced of Eade allegedly given ruckman Will Minson a hefty spray back in 2009, with Leon Cameron also on the tape asking Eade to keep quiet.

However, Eade took to Twitter on Wednesday, suggesting the audio has been doctored with pieces added to make it sound worse than it was.

Eade coached the Swans from 1996-2002, the Dogs between 2005-2011 and the Suns from 2015-2017.