Collingwood's Scott Pendlebury has been hit with his third charge by the AFL's Match Review Officer this year, while an incident that saw teammate Jack Bytel concussed has been offered an explanation by the MRO as to why no charge has been laid down in relation to the incident.

A tripping charge has been handed down to Pendlebury for a first-quarter incident involving West Coast's Harley Reid, with the MRO slapping the former Magpies captain with a fixed financial sanction.

Pendlebury can accept the charge and cop a $1250 fine, or challenge the charge via the AFL Tribunal where he would risk an increased $1875 penalty if unsuccessful.

The charge is the third against Pendlebury's record this year, with the Collingwood champion have recently been charged with striking Brisbane's Lachie Neale and making careless contact with an umpire in Rounds 3 and 8.

In the same game, an incident involving Eagle Jack Darling and Bytel that left the latter with a concussion was assessed by the MRO but didn't warrant a charge of rough conduct.

The MRO explained that given Eagle Tom Cole pushed Bytel toward Darling, who slowed his momentum and didn't choose to bump, circumstances outside of Darling's control contributed to the incident.

"The incident involving West Coast's Jack Darling and Collingwood's Jack Bytel from the third quarter of Sunday's match between Collingwood and West Coast was assessed," an explanation from the MRO read.

"Bytel takes possession of the ball, and he is pushed forward and down by West Coast's Tom Cole into the path of Darling, who approaches from the opposite direction. Darling slows his momentum and doesn't elect to bump, but makes high contact with Bytel in the collision that ensues.

"It was the view of the MRO that the contact was predominantly caused by circumstances outside the control of Darling. No further action was action."

Elsewhere, Adelaide's Mark Keane can accept a $3750 fine for striking Brisbane's Kai Lohmann during Sunday's draw at Adelaide Oval. Keane can risk a $6250 fine with a challenge of the charge, which was handed down after the strike was graded as intentional conduct, low impact and body contact.

Lion Jaxon Prior can accept a $1250 fine with an early plea for making careless contact with an umpire during the third quarter of the game.