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It has been a difficult past few seasons for the Bombers faithful. ASADA, drugs and the downfall of James Hird just to name a few.

Yet 2016 will prove to be a new era for the Bombers with the acquisition of John Worsfold as senior coach.

Worsfold’s passion and hardline stance on the team and he’s mentality will help the baby Bombers improve after a dismal 15th finish to the season.

Losing Carlisle but gaining another first round pick will bolster their chances to snare a youngster in the draft, and grabbing former Sydney Premiership player Craig Bird will bolster the depleted defense.


4, 5, 24, 25 and 56


Darcy Parish

A future midfield star in Darcy Parish and one player both Melbourne and Essendon will be tackling over in next Tuesday’s draft. Parish is looking strong to be taken in the first round and this Geelong Falcons rookie will make a massive impact.

Other likely picks

Sam Weideman and Charlie Curnow


Ryan Burton

The South-Australian who has just returned from a broken fibula is touted to be in the top five, and an important a lot of teams will be looking at. He would be fitting to join Joe Daniher as a key forward and will give the Bombers another tall forward to kick to down in the forward line. The five goals for South Australia does plead his case very well in the Under 18’s championships.


  1. Melbourne are coming up today, before Brisbane & Carlton finish us off. As they have pick three, we’re doing them third last.

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