GWS midfielder Matt de Boer has criticised the Amazon Prime documentary Making Their Mark for the show's final edit.

The documentary followed six AFL teams through the 2020 season with the Giants being one of the clubs on focus.

GWS' part of the documentary was heavily focussed around coach Leon Cameron and captain Stephen Coniglio. Coniglio was controversially dropped mid-way through the season and the documentary takes fans behind closed doors for some tough conversations.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 26: Stephen Coniglio (left) and Lachie Whitfield of the Giants look dejected after a loss during the 2018 AFL round 23 match between the Melbourne Demons and the GWS Giants at The Melbourne Cricket Ground on August 26, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Viewers also get a chance to see how Cameron dealt with a disappointing season and how he addressed his playing group. After the release of the documentary there was criticism of Cameron and his methods.

Speaking on the Dyl and Friends podcast, de Boer said the final edit didn't show a lot of the good being done by Cameron in a tough year for the club.

"I've got to say I was disappointed with the edit. I've got to be careful obviously, I thought as a whole the documentary and the process was fantastic. But it is an edit and it is a narrative and it is a story and they're trying to build it up in certain ways," de Boer said.

"There was great moments of Cogs (Coniglio) and Leon and everyone saw those as well. I just feel there were some epic moments that were missed out.

The former Docker said that there were moments left out of the final cut that may have helped show some of the good that was being done at the club during the season.

"They (The documentary crew) were there 24/7 all year and I remember one captains run meeting for example. He (Coniglio) has stood up in front of everyone and he's gone through every single individual player and told them what he loves about them or how great they are," the 31-year-old recollected.

"I remember seeing the rise in everyone and I was like 'oh that will definitely be in the doco, this will be sick' and it wasn't shown."

de Boer said he understood not everything can make the final cut but said Cameron does a lot more for the playing group than just what fans saw in the series.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 16: Matt de Boer of the Giants celebrates during the 2017 AFL First Semi Final match between the GWS Giants and the West Coast Eagles at Spotless Stadium on September 16, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

"Obviously they've only got so many minutes and so long that they can show but once again Leon is one of the hardest working guys. Meets with every single player every week and touches base on footy... but also asks how your parents are going, that holistic care," he added.

"I just feel that wasn't depicted, it just felt like it could've been more well rounded or balanced."

de Boer went on in the podcast to talk about the Giants' 2019 Grand Final loss. GWS made it to the big dance against all the odds but were smashed by Richmond to the tune of 89 points.

The Giants injury issues have been well documented since and were heading into the game with defender Phil Davis undergoing a fitness test on the MCG before the game.

GEELONG, AUSTRALIA - MAY 4: Phil Davis of the Giants looks dejected after a loss during the 2018 AFL round seven match between the Geelong Cats and the GWS Giants at GMHBA Stadium on May 4, 2018 in Geelong, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Davis played but was obviously hampered, while half-back Lachie Whitfield returned after missing the preliminary final with appendicitis in a courageous display.

de Boer had an injury concern of his own after hurting his knee in the preliminary final against Collingwood.

The dogged tagger revealed the extent of the injury and the risk he took by playing that day.

"In the third quarter (of the preliminary final) I've gone to make a tackle and landed on my knee awkwardly. I stretched my medial ligament and heard a pop," de Boer described.

"I quickly got off the ground. They (medical staff) were testing it and said it was a bit loose so I told them to f***ing strap it up and get me back out there."

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de Boer went on to say the week was all about resting the knee in a bid to play in his second decider.

"All week i was off my legs and the decision was to play or not to play. I passed the medical and had to do some team training," he said.

"It (the knee) was semi-loose so I had to strap it and then strap it again at half time as well to try and get through."

Host of the Dyl and Friends podcast, Dylan Buckley eluded to a chat he overheard when in the medical room with de Boer in the lead-up to the game.

"I remember the doctor saying to you 'mate, this is your knee. You have a 30% chance of doing your ACL if you play," said Buckley.

De Boer said he was always willing and happy to play if  the coaches were happy to have him.

"He said there was an increased risk. But eternal success was more appealing to me at the time," said De Boer

"I was really transparent with the doctor at the time because it can be selfish to play if you're not right. I did chat with the coaches, I did chat with the medical staff and said 'I'll 100% play if you're happy with the condition I'm going in on."