Former Hawthorn premiership player Dermott Brereton believes there’s no need for leadership groups in the modern game.

Brereton says leadership groups won’t actually play much part in any club’s successes each season, and believes the clubs think more of them than most people do.

“Why do we need it?” he asked on the Run Home.

“They (clubs) make more out of it than need be.

“I’m not big on titled leadership groups. You know what you are at a club, you know where you stand, you what you can say and you know what you can do.

“Seems like its only when someone stuffs up then the leadership group makes a judgement on him.

“It’s like we’re saying we’ve got to teach these young men how to behave towards the elderly and females. Really? Do we really need to teach respect?

“Some of them get it wrong but they are probably ill-bred.”

Brereton said a current senior player with more than 10 years in the AFL told SEN he agreed with him, saying the leadership group announcements were more for the club’s image instead of anything else.

“It’s so overstated what the leadership group actually does,” he said.

“We’ve got one bloke who almost falls asleep in the meetings. It’s one of football’s more wanky scenarios that seems to have grown legs in recent years.

“Let’s be honest. Most guys are so worried about themselves they couldn’t care less what anyone else was doing. That’s not a criticism, that’s just how it is.”