Earlier in the week, AFL commentator Basil Zempilas questioned the Eagles’ club culture to West Coast coach Adam Simpson.

Following Eagles star Andrew Gaff’s hit on Dockers youngster Andrew Brayshaw, Zempilas put Simpson’s team under fire during an interview Chanel 7.

“I don’t know why (he did it), I think it was grossly out of character and something that Andrew is very disappointed in,” Simpson said on Monday night.

“There’s been a lot of speculation, innuendo and a bit of trial by media but we need to own it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

That’s when the interview took a turn and things got a little heated.

BZ: “You’ve heard it said that there are cultural issues at West Coast, what do you say to that?”

AS: “I haven’t heard that mate, so you can elaborate a little if you like.”

BZ: “Well it’s been written about and it’s been said. It was said after the incident with the camera operator at the airport after Nic Naitanui’s arrival.

*Simpson scoffs*

BZ: “Is there a cultural issue at the club?”

AS: “I don’t think there’s a cultural issue at the football club.”

BZ: “An arrogance issue perhaps?”

AS: “Arrogance issue?”

BZ: “Well an arrogance in that a player-*Simpson cuts him off*

AS: “I don’t know what that’s got to do with Andrew Gaff getting reported to the tribunal.”

BZ: “I guess what I’m saying is, is there a perception at the club that players can do what they want to do?”

AS: “I think you’re getting caught up in the media storm, mate, so I think we’ll leave it at that.”