Dustin Martin during a Richmond Tigers AFL training session at Punt Road Oval on June 21, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

Richmond superstar Dustin Martin still hasn’t signed a new deal with the Tigers for next season and beyond, and The Footy Show journalist Damian Barrett has detailed the reason why.

Barrett told the program on Thursday night he believes Martin’s manager Ralph Carr is enjoying having leverage over the Tigers for the first time in Martin’s career, and is trying to make Richmond sweat.

This stems from all the way back in 2013, when Martin was off contract at Richmond for the first time.

Martin and Carr travelled to Sydney for a meeting with the Giants, which at the time frustrated the Tigers.

“Not long after that gathering, the Giants pulled out as other clubs did then as well, and what happened at that point, Richmond effectively pulled its initial offer for Martin, and as such re-tabled an offer with less financial component to it, so he stayed at Richmond for less money,” Barrett told The Footy Show.

“The anger stayed with Carr and his management, they re-contracted in 2015 but with the knowledge that he would be a free agent at the end of this season.

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“The clubs that are now pitching for Dustin Martin’s services this time around are saying to us clearly in their eyes, with Ralph Carr having the clear hand in these negotiations unlike last time, that to them is the reason the protracted negotiations have been the way they are, so they have a very long memory.”

Martin will be one of the game’s hottest properties at the end of the season, with most Victorians clubs interested in the superstar.

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North Melbourne and St Kilda have already confirmed their interest, although Richmond still remain in the box seat to retain the 26-year-old.