“Indie” band Picket Palace have recently etched themselves into the hearts of Essendon supporters after paying tribute to one of their players: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti.

According to the club’s website, the band hailing from Brunswick in Melbourne’s unique northern suburbs describe their music as  “razor-sharp punk belters and anxious, rambling reflections with an enthusiasm that is innocent, unpretentious and completely infectious”.

The song – ‘Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti’ – is an impressive yet catchy appreciation of the speedy forward that is sure to get any football fan to smile.

The new single is supposed to reflect the way McDonald-Tipungwuti plays the game given that it is entertaining, speedy and unique to any other song/player.

Vocalist Jack O’Connell says it was their way to represent the Bomber in their own musical way.

“That’s what we love about ‘Walla’; how exhilarating and electrifying his footy is,” O’Connell said in a press release.

“He seems like an incredibly humble, unassuming person but he plays with such ferocity and tenacity that you can’t help but get excited any time he appears on screen.

“That’s how we wanted the song to feel.”

The highly upbeat song is showered with praise for ‘AMT’, including his renowned defensive acts and is recognised in the lyrics “hard ball gets and pressure acts.”

The official music video also reflects McDonald-Tipungwuti’s playing style given that the screen is constantly changing from scenes of the band to graphics of ‘AMT’ running to his name sprawled over the video in a chaotic and hard-to-keep-up fashion.

On Friday July 12 at The John Curtain Hotel, the single will be launched, which to Bomber fans’ delight, doesn’t clash with the round 17 game against North Melbourne the following day at Marvel Stadium.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti’ is the first single of Picket Palace, with their upcoming second release, ‘The Footy Record’ set to be out just in time for the AFL Finals series in September.